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Rand Paul Says It’s Corporate America Funding These Radical Leftists

For the last four years, there has been an all-out, seemingly coordinated attack on conservatives and President Donald Trump.
Never before have so many diverse, sometimes diametrically opposed, liberal organizations joined together with a seemingly common playbook.

Well, now we know why, and as Rand Paul explains it’s corporate America funding these radical leftists.

America is literally under attack.
Liberal politicians work to steal more and more of our freedoms and their lockdowns and mask mandates steal even the ability for many to find work.

And the “mask Nazis” are calling police on 19-month-old children and elderly cancer patients for not wearing a mask, even outside!

Each and every day, Americans in many states are being inundated with government propaganda ads telling us that if we leave our homes, people will die. #AloneTogether they call it.

The “new normal,” is not new, and in no way normal. We’ve seen this picture before.
As one meme going around says: “If you’ve ever wondered whether you would have complied during 1930s Germany, now you know.”

And just as Hitler and the Nazis needed their “brown shirt” stormtroopers, the American left needs their black clad Antifa stormtroopers and their BLM counterparts.

These Antifa terrorist stormtroopers and their BLM thug comrades have many of America’s cities turned into war zones. They clearly learned well at the feet of their National Socialist and Communist masters in China, Cuba, and Venezuela.

And now, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is suggesting that the rampant rioting, looting, arson, and violence that is destroying some of America’s cities is most likely part of a well-coordinated effort funded by corporate America.

The senator — who was attacked by an angry mob outside the Republican National Convention last month, marking the third attack on him by violent leftists — made the comments in an interview with BlazeTV’s Steven Crowder.

While they were talking about Paul’s recent run-in with the “crazed” rioters, the GOP Senator and son of former Texas Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul suggested that many of the rioters are likely professional in some capacity.

By that he meant that they are at a minimum being paid to travel to different areas of the country to incite violence.

“We’re seeing these people … some of the same people are in Portland, Kenosha, D.C., Louisville,” Paul said.

“How are they getting there? They’re staying at the [Willard Hotel] — the Willard Hotel might be $500 to $1,000 a night — who’s paying for them to stay in the Willard Hotel?” he asked. “Who’s paying for them to have air flight? Who’s paying them to do this?”

But then Paul threw a curveball when he said, “And here’s the sad truth of it, it’s probably not going to be a sinister name like George Soros, it’s going to be corporate America.”

“Corporate America is giving money to Black Lives Matter and my guess is, if we follow the money, the people who paid for the plane tickets and the hotels and the people who continue to do this, is Black Lives Matter,” he said.

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And, as fate would have it, shortly after he and his wife Kelley were attacked, Paul tweeted out that one of the alleged assailants involved in the attack was a Florida resident.

This assailant had traveled a long way to be a part of the rioting and violence in the nation’s capital.

While the Florida man was arrested and charged for striking a police officer, he was released.

Paul suggested he could probably be found in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Not a bad guess as reports are now showing that rioters are flooding into America’s cities from all over the nation to add fuel to the fire.
In fact, in late August, police in Kenosha reported that a whopping 102 of the 175 violent rioters arrested as part of the riots were residents of another city, or even another state.

Senator Paul is on to something. Who is paying their way? And should those responsible be required to pay for the damages, or even arrested for funding terrorism?

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