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A Once Ridiculed Plan to Split New York Gains Steam After Cuomo’s COVID Response

New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo has come under increased scrutiny for the way he’s handled the Chinese coronavirus in the Empire State.

He first ignored the warnings of the outbreak and sentenced thousands to their deaths, then put the state on lockdown and destroyed even more lives.

Now, a once-ridiculed plan to split New York is gaining steam in response.

Democrat governors across the country are having a rough go of it.

They’ve taken the Chinese-created coronavirus and turned it into a massive powerplay that’s literally killing people.

It’s no fluke that the worst outbreaks and highest death rates are almost all in Democrat-controlled states.

With states cracking down on freedom, shuttering businesses, and enforcing “social distancing” rules, the virus seems to get worse.

These governors have become nothing more than petty tyrants out to gain power and feed their egos while forwarding the socialist agenda.

And among the worst has been New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Now, finally fed-up, some New York lawmakers are dusting off an old plan to neutralize Cuomo’s power imbalance.

Among those pushing an admittedly radical plan are State Senator James Seward (R) and State Rep. John Salka (R).

They have co-sponsored a plan (that some have talked about for years but have never actually pushed) that would divide New York into three autonomous regions.

These three proposed regions are:
The “New York Region,” which would include the five boroughs of New York City.
The “Montauk Region,” considered the more conservative suburbs of New York City that include Long Island, Westchester, and Rockland.

The New Amsterdam Region, which would be the largest land mass region and would include the entire upstate and western portions of New York.

There’s even a Divide New York State Caucus. John Bergener, Jr., chairman of the caucus, says the proposal would strip the leftist state government of “90 percent of its power.”

Instead, a bicameral legislature would be established in each region and each legislature would serve in the New York State Assembly.

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In a recent statement, Senator James Seward said:
“Downstate domination of the state legislature has become a serious problem, and the division of New York into multiple regions would help restore our upstate voice and values.”

“As we work to rebound following the COVID-19 outbreak there are a number of upstate priorities — increased broadband, help for small businesses, lower taxes — that are not high on the list of downstate officials. Clearly, the time is right to thoroughly explore the idea of dividing New York State and I certainly hope that a majority of my colleagues and the voters will agree.”

The bill has been introduced in both chambers of the New York State Assembly as SB 5416 and AB 5498, but remains in committee where most experts believe it will stay – unless there is a groundswell of support.

Additionally, if the bills passes, the New York State constitution would need to be amended before the bill could go into effect.

According to Divide NYS Caucus’s website, while splitting New York into three independent states would be the best outcome, the proposal for three autonomous regions will be more successful because it will not require approval from Congress.

We will keep you updated on this effort in New York.

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