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America is Under Attack from This Major Foreign Power

The rioting, arson, and violence in the streets by Antifa terrorists and BLM thugs aren’t the only attacks on our nation right now.
We are also under attack from those outside our nation.

And America is under serious attack from this major foreign power that’s hell-bent on destruction.

We are living in some of the most violent and dangerous times this nation has witnessed.

One historian said these are the most tumultuous times since the American Civil War and our nation is closer to another civil war than ever before.

While some in the media and among the DC consultant class continue to blame Donald Trump, the fact is this is just the culmination of years of unrest and a growing divide in our nation.

It turns out it took the left and the media’s hatred of Trump to bring it all to a raging boil.
As one political observer put it, it’s like the 1970s anti-war protests on crack.

Police officers are being assaulted in the streets, businesses and homes burned to the ground, roadways and interstates shut down, and innocent Americans beaten and even killed.

Add the Chinese-spread coronavirus closures and government mandates and the nation is truly at the brink.

And of course, our foreign enemies are waiting anxiously for our collapse.

But some are actively working to bring about our destruction.

And there is no country more actively involved in bringing about our downfall than Communist China.

Remember when President Trump imposed import duties on Chinese goods? We soon discovered just how reliant our nation had become on China for our everyday needs.

It did not take long for a tidal wave of American businesses to petition the Trump administration to exempt more than 13,000 different items from the tariffs.

Our nation is now populated with empty factories that once turned out auto parts, appliances, and consumer electronics, thanks to greedy union bosses and cheap imports from China.

But it wasn’t until recently we found out that the atheist Chinese communists who persecute Christians also prints most of the Bibles we use in the United States.

We also know that China is the only manufacturer of the specialized drill bits used to extract oil and gas from the ground.

And of course, the coronavirus showed us just how dependent our health care is on China.
But the Chinese communists have infiltrated our already left-wing colleges and universities as well.

CCP critic Christopher Balding writes, “Universities and political science professors will talk at length about foreign interference and disinformation and rightfully so. Ask them to ensure their own universities and departments are following the laws for foreign donations and we get the [China exclusion] response: trust me.”

In fact, no one really knows the full extent of what university programs have been tainted by Communist Chinese money.

And, who can forget the recent revelations that Chinese companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges are refusing to follow U.S. securities laws.

We are at war with Communist China. We just haven’t figured it out yet.

The CCP has infiltrated our financial, cultural, educational, and political institutions unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed.

And yet our “leaders” in Washington, DC care only about “Russian collusion.”

Unless that changes, our time is running out.

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