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ChiComms Furious at Trump’s Quick Recovery, Plotting New Attack

The Communist Chinese government in Beijing has been working to disrupt and destroy the United States for decades.

After Donald Trump’s election, they ramped up their attacks in the hopes of quickly destabilizing the Trump administration.

That’s why the Communist Chinese are furious over Trump’s quick recovery from the COVID bug.

We are now just a couple of weeks away from one of the most important elections in American history.

Of course, that’s said every four years, but this time – with the attacks on our nation from Antifa and BLM terrorists – it’s true.

And as America approaches the chaotic 2020 presidential and congressional elections, the media and their leftist puppet masters have convinced the American people to put China’s responsibility for COVID-19 on the backburner.

But the problem is, as DC politicians and media blowhards still focus on the discredited Russian collusion hoaxes, the real attacks on our nation is coming from communist China.

And make no mistake, China’s goal is to destabilize and destroy the U.S.

At a bare minimum, the coronavirus (and the draconian socialist government responses to it) has destabilized the presidential race, disrupted the presidential debates, and have put the results of the election in doubt – just three weeks before the final votes are cast.

And underlying this ChiComm-created chaos are a couple of notable items.

First, Li-Meng Yan, who was a virologist with the World Health Organization (WHO), states that COVID-19 is a bioweapon created by the Beijing communist government.

And biological evidence shows that COVID is derived from a viral template owned by a Chinese military research laboratory under the control of the Chinese Communist Party.

Li-Ming Yan goes further in her assessment and says there’s a global coverup to hide these facts.

Second, the Chinese Communist Party is supporting the violent riots in the United States.

The Freedom Road Socialist Organization based out of Minneapolis, the Bay Area-based Liberation Road, and the Chinese Progressive Association are all closely allied with the Chinese Communist Party and are working with Antifa and BLM.

Third, the mainstream media is deliberately blackballing Li-Meng Yan and doing their best to discredit her.

Of course, the ChiComm’s support of the ongoing riots in America have gone largely unreported.

And it must be pointed out that Joe Biden’s connections to China has also been hidden from public view.

It’s becoming more and more evident that the communist Chinese government deliberately released a bioweapon on the world with the primary goal of damaging its greatest competitor, the United States.

If true, this amounts to a sneak attack, a violation of the Biological Weapons Convention, and is an act of war.

All of this coincides with ramped-up ChiComm military activity in India, Taiwan, and North Korea.

It is time for America’s leaders to act swiftly and decisively before it’s too late and we’re all speaking Mandarin.

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