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The Anti-Trump Coalition Wants to Rule Every Aspect of Your Life

By all accounts, the 2020 election was a repudiation of socialism and big government.
But that isn’t stopping the socialists and their pals in the media from charging forward.

Here’s a breakdown on how the anti-Trump coalition plans to rule every aspect of your life.
With all the talk of election irregularities and the clear attempts by the Democrats to steal the presidency, one thing has been overlooked.

And that is the radical agenda of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and the new socialist Democrat Party.

But it won’t be Joe Biden or the Democrat Party to usher in this new socialist, Big Brother government.

It will be the anti-Trump coalition of Deep State operatives in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and State Department.

It will come from the pretend Republicans like Bill Kristol and his “Never-Trumpers” – and the well-funded Lincoln Project run by a group of grifters and hustlers from the DC consultant class.

The agenda will be pushed by Antifa, BLM, and the likes of AOC and her “squad.”

The money for this anti-American agenda will come from Wall Street and Silicon Valley, and George Soros and his billionaire butcher’s club.

The massive propaganda machine will be led by Amazon, Google, Twitter, Facebook, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

And the real muscle and support will come from Communist China.

So just what is this agenda?

First, it is not really an “anti-Trump” agenda, this coalition has existed long before Trump ever came on the political scene.

It’s not about a “better nation” or “stronger America.” In fact these radicals are literally calling for an end to the very nation that gives them the freedom they so desperately want to destroy.

No, their goal is to lock down and privatize control over all Americans.

They know they can’t change the Constitution overnight, and they know Constitutional laws bar federal and state governments from taking many rights-encroaching actions.
But they also know that the restrictions placed on private corporations are not as bothersome.
Through private companies like CNN, Twitter, Facebook and Google, they can control speech.
By defunding the police, they’ll establish their own security force to protect their lives and property while leaving newly-disarmed Americans at the mercy of the national government.
And by continuing to take actions that close down thousands of small businesses, Americans will be more reliant than ever on Communist China for the goods they need.
Their goal is nothing short of complete control over you, your family, and your every thought and action.
Antifa and BLM may be their stormtroopers, but it’s Big Tech, the mainstream media, and the “intellectuals” from the neocon right and the left who are the real driving force.

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