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Joe Biden is Thrilled he Got Help from This Group of “Non-Partisan” Observers

The Deep State has been working overtime to make sure Joe Biden becomes the next president.

It turns out their hatred and fear of Donald Trump has driven them to despicable acts far worse than we suspected.

And Joe Biden is thrilled that he’s getting overwhelming support from this one group of “neutral” observers.

Deep State Journal is committed to reporting on Deep State actions from the local level to the international sphere.

Unlike many other media outlets, we don’t care about party and never let someone’s political affiliation change our reporting.

Our goal here is simple – to find, root out, and report on the Deep State whether it be a Republican senator, a local dog catcher, or the head of the Catholic Church.

We’ve written articles critical of everyone from Joe Biden to the DOJ’s Deep State prosecutor-in-chief, Richard Pilger.

And we’ve certainly pointed out the times Donald Trump and his appointees have done something to aid the Deep State, whether knowingly or not.

There was a time in this country when all media reported this way, but those days have been long gone.

For the most part, the so-called mainstream media is just a public relations firm for the Democrats and a mouthpiece for socialist radicals like Antifa.

CNN, NBC, ABC – and now Fox News – have applauded the actions of the left while ridiculing, ignoring, and slandering conservatives and liberty activists.

The Washington Post, New York Times, and other once proud newspapers are spending their last breaths defending violent Antifa and BLM riots and calling anyone who challenges them racists.

It’s no wonder tens of millions of Americans no longer get their news from these biased sources.

One need only look at the cat that ate the canary grin on the face of Fox News’s Chris Wallace. It seemed no one was happier about Biden’s win than Wallace.

Well, other than CNN’s Brian Stelter, Jake Tapper, or their comrades Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon.

The point is, there isn’t anyone who worked harder to get Joe Biden and the Democrats elected than the national media.
In fact, Joe Biden didn’t work nearly as hard as they did.

And neither did the Democrat Party apparatus.
The media may or may not actually like Joe Biden (they probably don’t), but their hatred of Donald Trump and conservative Americans runs so deep, they seriously would’ve supported Hitler if it meant removing Trump from office and derailing the conservative movement.

And right there with them was Fox’s Chris Wallace. The man who in 2011 refused to announce that Ron Paul had finished in the top 3 in the Iowa Straw Poll.

Yes, Joe Biden is thrilled to have Chris Wallace’s – and now Fox News’s – support and loyalty.

If only the media’s loyalty was to unbiased reporting instead.


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