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Proof of Voter Fraud Grows as Thousands of Uncounted Ballots are “Found” in Key State

The leftist media may have anointed Joe Biden as President-elect, but things are far from over.

There are still at least 6 states where reports of massive voter fraud are being investigated.
And in the key state of Georgia, officials just “found” 2,600 uncounted ballots.

There’s no doubt the results of the 2020 elections were a mixed bag for the radical left and their allies in the mainstream media.

The predicted “Blue Wave” turned out to be barely a ripple as Democrats lost at least a dozen seats in the House and likely will still not get the Senate.

In fact, the argument could be made that there was a Red Tsunami with Republicans picking up seats all over the country, even in socialist California.

In Santa Monica for example, voters angry over the rampant crime and homelessness have thrown out at least three incumbent city council members.

And now things may not turn out the way the Democrats had hoped for the presidential race.

Much to the outrage of the media, Democrats, and “Never Trump” Republicans, President Trump has, so far, refused to concede the presidency to Joe Biden.

Trump has claimed – and evidence is now showing – that massive voter fraud occurred in at least 6 key states.

Take Georgia for example.

After Trump and the Republican Party requested a statewide audit, Georgia began recounting by hand its nearly 5 million ballots on Friday.

The Peach State’s 159 counties have a deadline of Wednesday, Nov. 18th at midnight to finish the recount.

And while this hotly-contested state has been “declared” for Biden, more than 2,600 uncounted ballots have been found in just one county so far.

And shockingly – or actually not shockingly – a majority of these “found ballots” were votes for Donald Trump.

Yes, the fact is that voter fraud has occurred since the beginning of our Republic. Anyone who claims it doesn’t is either a liar, idiot, fraud, or all three.

The worst voter fraud, however, has historically taken place in Democrat strongholds like Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Las Vegas.

Union bosses will team up with Democrat politicians, left-wing interest groups, and many black churches to ensure their iron grip is not lost.

Most times voter fraud will affect state and local races, but it can influence presidential races.

Just look at the 1960 race between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. Most political observers and historians admit Kennedy only won because of voter fraud conducted by union bosses in places like Chicago where thousands of dead people voted.

One lawyer working with Trump’s legal team told Deep State Journal that based on his review of the situation, the issue of voter fraud is widespread and not just in Georgia.

So the only question is whether there’s enough evidence of voter fraud to change the results of the presidential race?

The answer may be a resounding YES!


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