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The Grinch May Steal Christmas This Year for Real if This Man Has His Way

Americans are understandably scared about the future like never before.

The uncertainty of the elections, continued rioting, arson, violence, and a Communist Chinese virus unleashed upon the world.

And now, it’s possible the Grinch may actually steal Christmas in real life thanks to this one man.

The year 2020 may be remembered as one of the most troubling in recent history.

Everything from murder hornets to earthquakes, record breaking hurricanes to violent and destructive riots, to cancel culture and political theatre – the year has been like a train rolling off the tracks.

And driving the train is none other than Communist Chinese created and spread coronavirus.

The pandemic has killed almost as many people as some bad flu years.

But the government response has made it much more destructive.

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered coronavirus patients be quarantined with the elderly, resulting in thousands of unneeded deaths.

In states like California, Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, and New Jersey, the unconstitutional lockdowns and mandates were so severe that the increased death rate from cancer, heart disease, and suicide almost outpacing the death rate of COVID-19.

Depression is running rampant. Babies and children have been denied lifesaving medical procedures, the elderly are forbidden from seeing relatives – leaving loved ones left to die alone.

Families cannot even attend funerals for their loved ones and weddings have been canceled, postponed, or held with no guests.

State and federal government officials are forcing mom-and-pop stores and family-owned restaurants to close while big-box stores like Walmart remain open.

And churches are being shuttered while strip clubs, massage parlors, abortion clinics and liquor stores continue business as usual.

And of course, the mask mandates sweeping the nation have made a majority of Americans into cult-like zombies convinced that, essentially, bandanas and paper napkins over their faces will save them from the pandemic.
And it’s about to get even worse.

Joe Biden says that if he ends up stealing the election and becomes President, he will issue a nationwide mask mandate and likely enforce a 6-week lockdown.

And now, the “fifteen days to slow the spread” from Dr. Fauci back in March is closer to fifteen months.

In fact, Dr. Fauci recently told CNN’s Jake Tapper that even with a widespread distribution of a vaccine, the public “can’t abandon fundamental public health measures,” specifically mentioning social distancing and mask-wearing.

Tapper then noted that based on Dr. Fauci’s recommendations – which are expected to extend through the “second or third” quarter of 2021, “Christmas is probably not gonna be possible.”

Once again, the elites keep moving the goal posts and “We The People” are the ones who suffer.

It’s time we rise up and take back our freedoms and restore our nation from the socialists.

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