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“Biologically Enhanced Super Soldiers” in Production in This Communist Nation

The reports from an expert on the subject reads like a sci-fi movie plot.

But it’s all very real and the U.S. could soon be on the receiving end of an actual “Terminator.”

Because this communist nation has already started testing on humans in order to create a “biologically enhanced super soldier.” 

2020 brought us the Communist Chinese coronavirus. Then came the government lockdowns and mask mandates.

But that wasn’t all.

This year also brought a record number of hurricanes, murder hornets, widespread rioting and destruction, and one of the craziest elections in American history.

Some days it feels like the world is imploding in on us.

And as we get weaker and more divided from the turmoil within our own nation, our enemies on the other side of the globe seem to be getting stronger, bolder, and more aggressive.

ISIS, all but destroyed by President Trump, is back with a vengeance ever since Joe Biden was ordained president-elect by the media.

Socialists and communists around the world are violently tightening their strangleholds on their failing nations.

The Russians are becoming more aggressive and civil wars in Africa threaten the entire continent.

In the Middle East, where Trump arguably had some of his greatest foreign policy victories, the radical and violent anti-Jewish terrorist groups are increasing their attacks, emboldened by the fact that a Biden administration will actually help them in their efforts to destabilize the Middle East.

And then we have Communist China – unquestioningly America’s greatest threat.

They are in a state of war with India, have threatened both Japan and Taiwan, exported a virus that’s literally shut down much of the world, and are amassing the largest DNA database in the world to create even more deadly viruses to use as bioweapons.

Now we’re learning the Communist Chinese are taking it one step further.

U.S. intelligence now shows that the ChiComms have already conducted “human testing” on members of their People’s Liberation Army as the next step in developing soldiers with “biologically enhanced capabilities.” 

John Ratcliffe, Trump’s director of national intelligence, included this shocking claim in a Wall Street Journal op-ed where he made the clear case that Communist China poses the biggest national security threat to the U.S. since the former Soviet Union.

“There are no ethical boundaries to Beijing’s pursuit of power,” wrote Ratcliffe. 

One of his claims is that the Communist Chinese government in Beijing is actively attempting to create “super soldiers” – the kind depicted in Hollywood films like “The Terminator,” “Captain America,” and “Universal Soldier.”

And Ratcliffe isn’t the only one to make this claim.

In 2019, two noted American scholars wrote a paper examining Communist China’s goal to use biotechnology in warfare, including clear signs that the ChiComms were using gene-editing technology to enhance human performance.

Of course, the Communist Chinese government in Beijing can and does experiment with these kinds unethical, diabolical human tests because communist ideology is not bound to any sense of morality, ethics, or care for human life at all.

There is no doubt that Communist China could become the biggest threat our great nation has ever seen.

And unless politicians – from both parties – stand up now, it may be too late.

The only question is which will come first – an army of terminators or a biological weapon. One that’s actually deadly this time.




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