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These Health “Experts” Caused a Massive Coronavirus Outbreak In The United States

The Communist Chinese-created coronavirus has spread all over the world.

And the government’s unconstitutional response has Americans up in arms.

Now we learn that a group of health “experts” actually caused a massive coronavirus outbreak.

To say that Americans are fed up is an understatement.

Power-hungry politicians have clamped down on freedoms, closed down businesses, and even locked up innocent Americans with no end in sight.

The vaunted Dr. Anthony Fauci calls this the “new normal.”

And Bill Gates says he thinks mask mandates, lockdowns, and business closures will continue well into the year 2022.

Well, that’s unless we all take his vaccine, of course.

But throughout this entire health emergency, Americans have gotten conflicting messages from health experts, doctors, and the so-called mainstream media.

Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, wear gloves, don’t wear gloves, stay in your house, don’t go to the beach, get tested, don’t get tested…..

And it will only get more confusing as the new vaccines roll out around the nation.

Many Americans are wondering whether they should get a vaccine that’s 70% – 90% effective with potentially serious side effects … or risk catching a virus that has an over 99% survival rate.

And now we find out that a big reason for the spread of the coronavirus was thanks to the health “experts” themselves!

Back in February 2020 – which seems like a lifetime ago – hundreds of health experts gathered in Boston for a medical conference hosted by mega biotechnology firm Biogen.

And according to a shocking study, that one conference helped facilitate the spread of COVID-19 across the nation and even around the world. The report, published in Science Magazine, showed that as of November 1, somewhere between 261,000 and 439,000 of COVID-19 cases had been linked to the medical conference.

In just the Boston area alone, the study estimates that 51,000 cases could be traced back to the Biogen conference.

CBS reported on the study saying, “That genetic marker started appearing in other states in early March, being especially prevalent in places where conference attendees returned home. Those include Florida, where 29% of the conference-linked cases ended up as well as Indiana and North Carolina. The strain of virus was also found as far away as Australia and Slovakia.”

But what both the study and CBS failed to point out is that these doctors belong to the very same group of health “experts” we’re being asked to trust.

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