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Mask-Nazis Are Now Going After the Disabled For This Shocking Reason

Wearing a mask to “fight COVID” has become a rallying cry for the left.

They’ve turned a scientifically questionable concept into a do-it-or-else mandated activity. 

Now the mask-Nazis are going after the disabled for this shocking reason.

We know we’ve been lied to repeatedly about COVID-19.

In fact, there are some very plausible theories that point to the entire thing being a very deadly, very disgusting hoax.

But we know for certain we were lied to.

We were lied to about the virus’s origins, how it spread, and how contagious it was.

We were then lied to about how best to combat it, how best to treat it, and how best to stop the spread.

We were lied to about lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, business closures, and social distancing.

And, of course, we were lied to about masks.

In the beginning, the medical community was in 100% agreement that we should NOT wear masks.

Remember the pleas from nurses and doctors in tears because Americans were buying up all the masks? “Please don’t take our masks,” they pleaded.

Even the world-renowned liar, um, I mean, medical genius Dr. Anthony Fauci, said wearing masks was dangerous.

Now the very same Dr. Fauci says we may be wearing masks forever. And if we don’t, we’re basically killing our friends, neighbors, and family.

Police in New York City are arresting citizens who don’t wear masks. Mobs of angry “Karens” are attacking freedom-loving Americans in cities and towns around the country.

And now, the mask-Nazis are coming for the disabled. 

In Jacksonville, North Carolina, an AMC movie theatre manager called the police on a young disabled girl.

The girl, who was in a baby stroller and is non-verbal, was not wearing a mask.

She reportedly has a condition that precludes her from wearing either a mask or face shield.

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But that didn’t stop the “defender of the fatherland” from doing his civic duty and having the girl forcibly removed from the theatre.

America is truly at a crossroads. 

If people like this AMC manager are allowed to prevail, then our freedoms, our rights, and our very republic is doomed.

But if good men and women rise up and say enough is enough, we can put an end to these COVID bullies.




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