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Nancy Pelosi Proves the Deep State is Back in Charge With These Top Priorities

The Deep State wreaked havoc during Trump’s presidency.

They fought his pro-American, economy-boosting policies every step of the way.

But now the Deep State is back in charge and ready to ram through these top legislative priorities.

The Deep State is not shy about wielding its power.

But while the Republican Party and Never-Trumpers may think they’re just playing politics – make no mistake, we are at war for the very existence of our nation as a constitutional republic.

In his first 100 days, Joe Biden has already begun reversing numerous executive orders signed by Donald Trump.

But the Democrats’ efforts to destroy our nation goes much further.

Just look at Nancy Pelosi’s top priorities for the upcoming 117th congress.

Her goal is nothing short of cementing the Democrats political power for decades to come.

One priority is to declare both Washington, DC and Puerto Rico as states, giving Democrats a gain of four Senators and a handful of Representatives.

While this effort sailed through the House last year, it was stopped in the Senate. But now with Democrats in the majority, Pelosi can’t wait to try again.

But at the top of her list is introducing bill HR-1.

This bill will impose California-style election rules on every state. States will be required to register to vote every individual who has interacted with a government agency or program – like the DMV or food stamps.

It also mandates same-day registration, expands mail-in voting and early voting, and severely limits a state’s ability to remove people from voter rolls – even if they’re dead.

HR-1 strips all state legislatures from redrawing congressional districts and would stack the FEC with Democrat partisans.

But that’s not all.

HR-1 will ominously require conservative-leaning charities and non-profits to publicly disclose the names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails of donors of more than $10,000 – even if these groups do not participate in electioneering.

And, of course, we all know what happens next.

Just ask Mike Lindell of My Pillow.

We’ve seen hundreds of conservatives fired from their jobs, doxxed on social media, even violently attacked by mobs of socialist thugs simply for being on the wrong side of the left.

HR-1 also places even more restrictions on political ads, puts no-disclosure requirements and new rules for online ads, and severely limits the time period that non-profits can even mention a politician’s name.

And oh yeah – the labor unions are exempt from all of this.

So basically, HR-1 only allows the voices of those bought and paid for by the union boss thugs.

Not a bad deal for a group that already spends an excess of $2 billion dollars per election cycle.

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