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Government COVID Response Opens the Floodgates for This Shocking Persecution

Our government officials always want more power and control.

And for years, they’ve been scheming on how to best control one group in particular.

Lucky for them, COVID-19 came along and gave these power-hungry politicians exactly what was needed to do just that.

Those who actually trust science – and not just when it suits their political agenda – are finding out that the cure for the coronavirus is far worse than the disease.

Government officials and socialist politicians have exploited the Communist Chinese created pandemic to impose a long list of government mandates and socialist policies.

For one group in particular, the government crackdowns have led to the highest level of persecution they’ve experienced in decades.

That group is Christians. Each year, Open Doors, an organization committed to “serving persecuted Christians worldwide,” releases their World Watch List.

Their list documents the top 50 countries where it’s most dangerous to be a Christian and their report for 2020 is now out.

Unsurprisingly, North Korea remains at the top, followed by Afghanistan.

In fact, the list is easily dominated by communist countries or Islamic nations where the persecution of Christians goes far beyond what Christians experience in Europe or the United States.

Christians in these countries face imprisonment, violence, and even death. The persecution is mostly carried out by the state or those working for the state.

But the latest World Watch List differs from previous reports in a very scary way. This year’s report points out that the coronavirus pandemic has “exposed the ugliness of Christian persecution in a new way.” In some regions of India, Christians are sent to the back of the line to receive COVID aid. So either they are left with no food or medicine, or they’re forced to denounce their Christian identity in order to survive.

But don’t think this is just happening in India.

Reports like this have come from Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam, Malaysia, Yemen, Pakistan, China, and Sudan. In some parts of Pakistan, discrimination against believers has all but wiped out Christian-owned businesses. And in the Kaduna State of Nigeria, Christians face genocide and violence at the hands of Islamists and Fulani herdsmen. In Communist China, a series of messages shared on social media blamed Christians for the rise in COVID-19 cases. Of course it was fake, but it still incited local authorities to crack down even further on Christians.

China also uses its massive surveillance system to target and keep tabs on Christians.

But the most concerning thing in America is how the pandemic has been used to shut down churches or impose unconstitutional mandates – all the while, liquor stores, casinos, and even abortion clinics remain open.

History has shown us that those in power almost never give back what they’ve taken away . If we aren’t careful, the next steps to persecuting Christians in America won’t be far behind.

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