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Anti-Trump Group Under Fire for Involvement in Alleged Underage Sex Scandal

They were always known as a group of grifters and political paramours.

And their anti-Trump organization was just another money-making scheme to them.

But now they’re under fire for their involvement in this disgusting underage sex scandal.

The mistakenly named “The Lincoln Project” was set up by a group of ousted political consultants that’s existed among the margins of the Republican Party for decades.

They worked for RINOs like John McCain and John Kasich and others who have undermined conservative values for years.

In political circles, their names are well-known – John Weaver, George Conway, Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, and Reed Galen.

They have always been the enemy of grassroots conservatives and liberty-minded Republicans. 

But they’ll take money from anyone that will give it to them – and they would’ve taken money from Trump had it been offered.

Which is why it’s no surprise that, after being refused jobs with Trump’s 2016 campaign, they suddenly became so-called “Never-Trumpers” and joined forces with the likes of Bill Kristol to create The Lincoln Project.

However, it turns out, they’re lack of ethics are far worse than we thought.

According to noted author Ryan Girdusky:

“The Lincoln Project has always been just two things: a grift for people to make money and a grooming organization for John Weaver to meet young men to try to get them in bed.” 

“Within a day [of Weaver following me on Twitter], young men started coming forward and saying to me that I should be on the lookout. They said, ‘This is what John Weaver does. He reached out to young men like me and he says I can give you a job opportunity if you promise me sex in the end.’ It’s three young guys who reached out to me very early on.”

Girdusky says he then tried to find out if other people were aware of Weaver’s conduct.

And it became quickly clear that everyone around Weaver was aware. 

In fact, Republican strategist and political pundit Karl Rove shockingly admitted he’d known about Weaver’s behavior since 1988.

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George Conway, a Lincoln Project co-founder and the husband of Kellyanne Conway, was laughed off the air when he tried to claim he didn’t really know Weaver that well.

In a weak statement, The Lincoln Project alleged they were appalled to learn about Weaver’s sexual behavior and were cutting all ties.

Sadly, they didn’t speak up soon enough for the dozens of young men – and possibly underage boys – Weaver sexually harassed and bribed.

Politics can be an ugly game, and The Lincoln Project has made it even uglier.

Let’s hope this scandal, and the ones sure to come, ends their involvement in politics once and for all.


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