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Facebook’s Ties to the Biden Administration Just Got Stronger With This Announcement

Big Tech’s ties to the Democrat Party and liberal elite is nothing new.

The censoring of conservatives on Facebook, Google, and Twitter proved it once and for all.

Now Facebook’s ties to the Biden administration just got stronger with this big announcement.

The 2020 election proved that Big Tech, Big Media, Big Business, and Big Labor are the ‘Fab Four’ propping up the Democrat Party.

Political pundits and election experts believe Biden would not have won the presidency had Big Tech not silenced or shut down conservative content and accounts.

Facebook relied on its Facebook Oversight Board to remove or shadow ban posts that they found “offensive” or “false.”

Of course, when you have a kitchen run by chickens, guess what’s never on the menu?

The far-left radicals and liberal elite never seem to run afoul of Facebook’s Oversight Board.

And now the Biden administration has appointed Pamela Karlan – whose legal and civil rights background played a huge role in the development of the Facebook Oversight Board – as deputy assistant attorney general in the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division.

Following the announcement of Karlan’s appointment to the DOJ, the Facebook Oversight Board’s chairman John Taylor released a statement, “Pam Karlan’s legal and civil rights expertise played an important part in shaping the Board and we’re grateful for her contributions. The Trustees and Board members congratulate Pam on her new role and wish her the very best.”

So, the woman who “played an important part” in creating the censorship-happy Facebook Oversight Board is now rewarded with a high-level job where she can further the assault on free speech.

And it’s no secret how Karlan feels about Donald Trump and his supporters in general.

In 2019, Karlan poked fun at Trump’s young son, Barron, during the impeachment trial. 

In another public appearance, Karlan said she “had to cross the street” because she would not even walk on the same side as the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C.

Imagine if a Republican behaved that way?  

They’d be accused of trying to murder Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez!




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