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This Joe Biden Agenda Item Could Bring One Major Horror Right to Our Doorstep

The months leading up to the presidential election saw Joe Biden’s spin doctors cover up his true agenda.

Now that he’s in office, he doesn’t have to hide it anymore.

But one Joe Biden agenda is about to bring major horror to our doorstep.

Joe Biden signed more executive orders in his first weeks in office than any other president in modern history.

In fact, he even signed orders to do many of the things he promised he would never do. You know, like ban fracking, kill jobs, increase taxes on the middle class…

Although, to be fair, it hasn’t been all lies and broken promises.

Biden has remained steadfast in his radical position on illegal immigration and doing away with any kind of border security.

Just recently, Biden pledged to grant citizenship to the 11 million illegal aliens living in the United States today – of course, no one is sure of the actual number, so who knows how many will receive his blessing.

Even scarier, Biden signed an executive order reinstating Obama’s infamous “catch and release” policy.

It doesn’t matter if they’re violent criminals or not, release them out onto the streets while they await their trial. They’ll show up for it!

But Biden’s pro-illegal immigration policy is going even further, and it’s downright terrifying.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently discussed on his show that the illegal aliens getting released into our neighborhoods and communities are not being tested for COVID.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight has learned that the Biden administration is releasing thousands of foreign nationals living here illegally into American neighborhoods without bothering to test them for the coronavirus. People from countries with high infection rates, living in crowded conditions, have been sent forth into the American population like COVID isn’t real. That’s happening. It is the official policy of the U.S. government,” Carlson told viewers.

While White House press secretary Jen Psaki played confused when asked about this new policy,  Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, did confirm it was true.

“So, we’re releasing people without knowing, which obviously puts the public at risk,” Judd stated.

That’s right.

In the middle of Joe’s ‘Dark Winter,’ he’s welcoming illegal immigrants into the United States by the droves – and maybe they’re infected with the virus and maybe they aren’t. Who knows!

That’s what makes “following the science” so fun in a Biden administration.


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