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Colorado Shooter Was ‘Previously Known’ By FBI for This Shocking Reason

The recent mass shooting in Colorado left 10 dead, including a police officer.

And there is still information coming out about the anti-Trump, Muslim shooter and why he carried out this horrific crime.

In fact, now we are finding out that the Colorado shooter had been ‘previously known’ to the FBI for this shocking reason.

Whenever a tragedy like the Colorado shooting occurs, thousands of pundits will attempt to explain why it occurred and how it could have been prevented.

Usually most of those efforts center around destroying the Constitution and taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.

Because the liberals, media, and Big Tech socialists don’t actually care about the loss of life or fixing the problem. They only care about one thing – total control.

In fact, this latest tragedy could have been prevented for one simple reason – the FBI knew the shooter was a danger to himself and others.

They knew of his radical Islamist beliefs, his penchant for angry outbursts, and that he’d recently purchased a gun.

Yet, the FBI did nothing.

Who knows, but likely they were too busy spying on a 78-year-old pro-life grandmother or running a sting operation on a 14-year-old selling cookies on the side of a road.

Or maybe the fearless men and women of the FBI were too distracted with running surveillance on an 8-year-old Virginia boy whom they thought was actually the father they were supposed to be investigating.

We may never know.

But we do know that this tragedy was in fact preventable – and not through any new gun-grabbing schemes or expansion of background checks.

Now, this is not to say that the tragedy should be blamed on the FBI or any other agency any more than it should be blamed on the gun manufacturer or retailer.

And it certainly shouldn’t be blamed on the millions of law-abiding gun owners across the country.

The blame lies solely with the shooter himself, along with the understanding that evil does exist in this world.

However, according to a number of credible reports we’ve received here, the Federal Bureau of Investigation had been well aware of Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa’s potentially dangerous background.

Additionally, the New York Times reported on Tuesday that the 21-year-old was “previously known” by the Bureau for his close connection to an individual under investigation by the agency.

The Times also reported that Alissa had been convicted of assaulting a fellow student at his high school in 2018. 

When asked about the assault, Alissa allegedly told authorities that he attacked the student in response to “insults and ethnic taunts.”

Other students, friends, and even family members say Alissa was prone to anger and violent outbursts aimed at anyone who did not agree with his political, anti-Trump, pro-Muslim views.

Perhaps the FBI would be better off spending our tax dollars on potential threats like Alissa instead of on the surveillance of an 8-year-old.


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