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DOJ Witch Hunt Into Trump Snared This CIA Super-Spy Because He Wouldn’t Do This

Everyone knows about the Deep State’s attempts to destroy Donald Trump.

They tried everything from fake dossiers to phony testimony in hopes to remove him from office.

Now we’re finding out that the DOJ’s witch hunt into Trump snared this CIA super-spy because he wouldn’t do this.

Deep State Journal has previously reported on the bizarre case of Imaad Zuberi, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Pakistan who is now facing 12-years in prison and an $18 million dollar fine.

His alleged crimes involve illegally funneling foreign money into both Democrat and Republican campaign coffers and taking huge sums for himself (which he had allegedly failed to report on his tax returns). 

But in recent reports from investigative journalist John Solomon (a former reporter for the Associated Press and Washington Post), Imaad Zuberi had previously “enjoyed a long and complex relationship with U.S. intelligence.” 

Solomon reported that “multiple current and former U.S. officials” had provided information to Zuberi’s defense team who assembled “a 78-page secret filing to the trial judge laying out his entire history with U.S. intelligence and security agencies.” 

Zuberi’s defense team pointed out that his role with U.S. intelligence could complicate his appeal. 

And a redacted court document unsealed by U.S. District Court Judge Virginia Phillips made cryptic references to “sensitive material” protected from public disclosure by the Classified Information Protection Act (CIPA).

This act was put in place to try and stop CIA-connected defendants from revealing embarrassing intelligence secrets if brought to trial. 

Zuberi’s complex relationship with U.S. intelligence was bolstered when former Acting General Counsel of the CIA Robert Eatinger joined Zuberi’s defense team for the appeal process. 

Eatinger told SpyTalk that Zuberi’s “legal team was looking for someone with CIPA experience.” 

According to SpyTalk:

“Zuberi’s legal dossier shows that that he has been a witting asset or agent of the CIA since at least 2004, and that he acquired extremely sensitive political and military information on major U.S. adversaries and their senior leaderships for the agency until he came under investigation in a federal probe of illegal contributions to the Trump inaugural committee.”

Attorney David Warrington, also on Zuberi’s defense team, told John Solomon, “It’s obvious from the public docket, there has been significant government participation in this case, and hopefully through the appeals process, more of the actual facts will come to light.” 

Just recently, José Rodriguez, a former CIA Operations Chief, is said to have appealed to the Agency to help Zuberi as well. 

Zuberi’s lawyers noted they had initially worked out a deal with the DOJ for Zuberi to pay a $1 million dollar fine and do no prison time. 

This assertion is backed up by court documents Solomon says he had access to. 

But then Zuberi refused to lie under oath about Donald Trump in Robert Mueller’s fake Russia collusion investigation.  

But Zuberi, his lawyers say, had absolutely nothing to tell Mueller about Trump and Russia.

Of course, that didn’t matter to the DOJ. They decided to betray Zuberi and so he ended up with a 12-year prison sentence and $18 million in fines.

But now that the facts are coming out, all that may be overturned.

Deep State Journal is following this case closely and will continue to keep you updated.

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