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Nancy Pelosi Just Let the Cat Out of the Bag with This One Action

The left is famous for their “follow the science” mantra on just about every issue. 

 However, they only seem to “follow the science” when it fits their socialist narrative. 

 And now Nancy Pelosi just let the cat out of the bag with this one action. 

 Much to the surprise of most Americans, the CDC announced that those who are fully vaccinated no longer need to wear masks in most places. 

 Of course, many observers see this as a desperate attempt by the Biden administration to distract Americans from all the crises occurring thanks to Biden’s radical policies.  

 But for many on the left, the announcement caught them completely off guard.  

 The CDC’s new guidelines don’t fit with their narrative of government control of the masses, so a number of Democrat governors were tripping over themselves trying to figure out how to handle the announcement. 

 Virginia governor Ralph Northam and New York governor Andrew Cuomo appeared to admit defeat and soon announced they were lifting the mask mandate for the vaccinated in their respective states. 

 Others, such as New Jersey governor Phil Murphy – who is up for reelection this November – stated that “their science was different” and it wasn’t time for the Garden State to take off their masks. 

 Members of the Woke Mob like Rachel Maddow said they’ll have to “rewire their brains” so they won’t look at maskless people as a “threat” anymore. 

 Radical millennial and gun-grabbing enthusiast, David Hogg, declared he would continue to wear his mask because he “didn’t want to be seen as a conservative.” 

 Clearly, the left is showing America just how much they really believe in “science.” 

 Then again, this is the same left that cites 36 different genders and calls ripping babies from their mother’s womb “healthcare.” 

 But of all the left-wing radicals, perhaps Nancy Pelosi has done the best job of denying the science. 

 No sooner was the CDC’s announcement made than did Pelosi announce she would not be lifting the mask mandate in Congress. 

 In fact, most recently, Pelosi fined three members of the House and threatened seven others when they chose to ignore her communist power grab and go maskless on the House floor. 

 Congressman Thomas Massie tweeted what he thought of Pelosi’s letter of reprimand by “filing” it in the trash. 

 With Pelosi refusing to lift the mask mandate for even fully-vaccinated House officials, her message is clear: the COVID-19 vaccine is totally useless. And so is the science.  


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