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Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Latest Lie Really Has Americans Scratching Their Heads

The Communist Chinese coronavirus made Dr. Anthony Fauci a household name.

Fauci shot to stardom as the world locked down and braced for what he described as the deadliest global pandemic ever.

While Dr. Fauci continues to get caught in lies, his most recent one really has Americans scratching their heads.

Vaccinations, especially forced ones, have been a hot-button issue in the U.S. for years, but the COVID vaccine seems to have brought the debate to a boiling point.

Tens of millions of Americans are rightfully unsure whether they should get the COVID vaccine and suspicious over the fact it was pushed through so quickly.

There’s also great concern over growing reports of adverse side effects, some of them being deadly.

Of course, the so-called “experts” and leftist politicians are doing everything in their power to promote the vaccine – so much so that it’s actually having the opposite effect.

And it doesn’t help that Patron Saint of COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has spent the months since being vaccinated still parading around fully masked.

If the vaccine works, why is the foremost expert on the subject still wearing a mask?

After immense pressure from several politicians, medical professionals, and even media outlets, Fauci was forced to admit that he continued to wear a mask (again, despite being vaccinated) because it makes some people feel better.

Leave it to Dr. Fauci to confirm, without actually trying to confirm, what many have believed for a while – masks are just theater.

Now the doctor of doom is telling Americans they’ll need a follow-up COVID booster shot in a year.

“I think we will almost certainly require a booster sometime within a year or so, after getting the primary [shot], because the durability of protection against coronaviruses is generally not lifelong.” Dr. Fauci told Axios.

Once again, Americans who already have little confidence in the COVID vaccine are being given more reasons to be skeptical.

The continuous mixed messages on masks, lockdowns, social distancing, and vaccine boosters have Americans tired of hearing Dr. Fauci speak from both sides of his mouth. In fact, it only strengthens the argument that the pandemic – and the government’s response to it – has been a sham all along.

But worse, it could just be that Dr. Fauci’s confusion and gaslighting will lead so many Americans to refuse the vaccine, that the government will have “no choice” but to step in and force it upon the entire nation.


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