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Nancy Pelosi Was Just Caught in One Massive Lie That Could Finally End Her

The Speaker of the House has certainly had her share of missteps and scandals.

And history has proven that if there’s one thing she’s good at, it’s surviving the multiple scandals and scams levied against her.

But Nancy Pelosi was just caught in one massive lie that could actually end her.

For decades, Democrats have managed to get away with scamming their constituents while making them believe what they’re doing is for the “good” of the country.

They are masters at the art of deception.

And no one does deception better than current Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Sure, we all know they lie about their platforms and positions on key issues.

But one area where Democrats have excelled is in the use of dark money scams to fund their campaigns and causes.

And they have become truly adept to the art of the “matching grant” donor strategy.

Campaigns, nonprofits, and even the local PTA have all used the strategy of having one large donor agree to put up a sum of money as a matching grant.

It’s in every fundraiser’s arsenal of tactics, and it’s used quite frequently and effectively.


Because it works. And when used by honest candidates and ethical organizations, it is a powerful tool for actual good.

People like knowing that even if all they can give is $10, that it will be doubled by some generous soul who just wants to do a good deed.

And, in most cases, the donor who pledged the match comes through.

And not unlike every other politician out there, Nancy Pelosi has used this strategy with her supporters for years.

Pelosi’s team sends out fundraising emails to supporters telling them she will personally match contributions up to a certain total amount.

None of this is wrong or out of the norm – and even the wealthiest of donors ask there to be a cap on the match so as not to completely drain their pockets!

And given Pelosi’s known net worth, she should have no trouble matching whatever amount she pledges to match.

But leave it to Pelosi to try and pull a fast one.

Since the beginning of the year, Pelosi’s campaign has sent at least 50 fundraising emails that said she would personally match contributions.

Yet, according to reports, Pelosi has yet to match anything.

From the left-wing Axios:

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s campaign committee has repeatedly promised her donors she would personally match their financial contributions, but as of the last reporting period she hadn’t provided a dime of her own money, records show.

Why it matters: Deceptive political fundraising tactics are under scrutiny, and few are more popular than donation-matching pledges. Pelosi’s campaign has gone a step further than most — promising that she herself would put up those matching funds. It hasn’t reported any such contributions.

What’s happening: Nancy Pelosi for Congress sent at least 50 fundraising emails from January through March, pledging she would ‘personally’ match contributions up to a certain multiple.”

In the fundraising industry, there’s a word for this type of appeal: fraud.

Lying to donors is no way to gain support, and in this case, if true, it is also illegal.

And there are now reports that the Justice Department may begin investigating other candidates and committees that haven’t followed through on promises of matching contributions.

It’s possible that those who did not hold up their end of the deal could face criminal charges.

Of course, given that it’s really a Joe Biden DOJ right now, it’s possible Pelosi is never investigated.

Knowing her, she’ll keep robbing people blind.

But this is just one more example of how Democrats will lie, cheat, and steal to get and keep power.

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