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Shocking New Evidence Raises Concerns Over DOJ Actions in This High-Profile Case

Political corruption and prosecutorial misconduct is nothing new for the U.S. Department of Justice.

Ever since Obama weaponized the DOJ, they’ve gone after conservatives, libertarians, Christians, and Trump supporters.

And now shocking new evidence in one high-profile case raises even more concerns about DOJ corruption.

The Department of Justice and its efforts to destroy any opponent of the Democrat socialist machine has resulted in dozens of Americans being wrongfully targeted.

Now, newly recovered evidence in a high-profile case out of California calls into question the claims federal prosecutors had made in court during the conviction and sentencing of Imaad Zuberi.

Zuberi, as readers of Deep State Journal will remember, is a well-connected businessman and political fundraiser convicted, in part, for arranging straw donations from foreign sources to both the Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigns.

In our earlier reports on this case, we noted that it was only after Zuberi made a large donation to the Trump Inaugural Committee that the DOJ put a target on his back.

It’s not a stretch to assumed that had Zuberi not given money to Trump, he never would’ve been targeted and prosecuted.

But to the radical left and their minions at the DOJ, supporting Trump in any way is a punishable offense.

And the latest information on this wild and crazy case stems from emails recovered from Zuberi’s computer that had been previously removed by a “U.S. intelligence agency.”

These emails prove that many of the donations made to Barack Obama’s 2013 inauguration and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign – which prosecutors alleged had been arranged by Zuberi – were in fact arranged by Zuberi’s fellow fundraiser, a Middle Eastern moneyman named Sam Jauhari.

The recovered emails show that Zuberi had explicitly instructed Sam Jauhari to comply with federal law and collect donations from American citizens and lawful residents, not foreigners who are forbidden from donating to U.S. elections.

“Just keep getting Americans and Green Card holders to keep contributing to Obama-Biden and other Democrats like [then-congressman] Howard Berman and etc,” Zuberi wrote to Sam Jauhari in an email on May 13, 2012.

But during Zuberi’s trial, prosecutors alleged that three foreign donations accepted by the Clinton campaign had been illegally arranged by Zuberi in the spring of 2015.

The emails recently recovered by Zuberi’s legal team, however, clearly show that two of the Clinton campaign donation forms — for Jauhari’s wife and his sister-in-law — listed a “52734” fundraiser code.

This was the code the Clinton campaign had assigned to Jauhari, NOT Zuberi, to track the donations he collected.

This new evidence has led Zuberi’s defense team to file complaints against the prosecutors with the Justice Department Office of Professional Responsibility and the Senate Judiciary Committee.

It’s also caused increased awareness regarding the incredible overreach and misconduct of a politicized and weaponized DOJ.

This is a fast-moving story and we will keep you updated as more information comes in.

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