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Pope Francis Took This One Step That May Have Gone Too Far For Catholics

The divide in the Catholic Church here in America continues as the debate rages on over allowing pro-abortion politicians to receive Holy Communion.

As the leader of the Catholic Church, one would assume the Pope to be at the forefront in defending the Church and its teachings.

Yet, Pope Francis just took this one step that may be a bridge too far for Catholics in America.

A surprising number of Catholic bishops, priests, and leaders from across the country and all political spectrums are banding together as united Catholics for politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden to be denied participation in “the source and summit,” the highest sacrament, the Holy Communion.

All for one reason – because of their blatant support for abortion, something the Catholic Church is very clear on.

While other issues may be debatable, for a Catholic, there is no debate, no discussion, no argument: you simply may not support abortion and remain a Catholic in good standing – and as an elected leader, you certainly may not promote an evil like abortion and remain in good standing with the Church.

Therefore, as a Catholic who is not in good standing, Pelosi and Biden should not receive Holy Communion.

At the beginning of June, the U.S. Council of Bishops overwhelmingly voted to draft a document that clearly outlined those who were eligible to participate in Holy Communion.

This decision came after many attacked the Catholic Church for letting vocal, pro-abortion politicians participate in the Holy sacrament.

Despite the demand for the Catholic Church to stand by its centuries of teachings that abortion is murder and therefore a grievous sin, Pope Francis has remained largely silent on the issue.

During Joe Biden’s first overseas trip, which was a disaster, the Pope turned down a meeting with the President, giving many devout Catholics hope that perhaps the highest-ranking official in the Church would stand by them.

Now news has been released of a rather lengthy meeting between Pope Francis and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

The pontiff gave Blinken a substantial chunk of his time, especially for a government official who is not a national leader.

According to Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni, “It lasted about 40 minutes, and it was for the pope, the occasion to recall his 2015 visit and to express his affection and his attention to the people of the United States of America.”

If this is the pontiff’s way of trying to smooth over the divide among Catholics in the U.S., it’s a lousy attempt.

Pope Francis is the most liberal man to ever be pope and conservative U.S. bishops continue to clamor for clear directives on how to handle the politicians who are clearly “Catholic in name only.”

But His Holiness isn’t offering any guidance.

Blinken is the first high-level official in Biden’s administration to have a private meeting with the Pope.

The Democrats have the media, Hollywood, Big Tech, most of Protestantism and American Judaism in their back pocket – it’s starting to look like the Pope is getting them the rest of the Catholic vote as well.

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