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Hunter Biden Prosecutor Admits He Took This Shocking Action and Won’t Say Why

To say the facts in the Hunter Biden investigation are fraught with controversy and political intrigue is an understatement.

The “Bad Boy of the Biden Clan” has long been a target of both the media and law enforcement.

But now Hunter Biden’s prosecutor is admitting he took this shocking action, but won’t say why.

Just say the name Hunter Biden and it probably conjures up images of a man with countless skeletons in his closet – from illegal drugs to illegal guns, from illicit sexual romps to multi-million-dollar foreign contracts.

But he’s also a man who continues to be protected by his powerful daddy Joe Biden.

Now new information has been released that Delaware’s U.S. Attorney David Weiss avoided taking action in the Hunter Biden investigation last year during the 2020 presidential election.

As a veteran attorney and Trump appointee, David Weiss is known for his willingness to take on powerful Delaware figures.

He’s never been one to shy away from prosecuting some of the most influential and controversial people in Delaware politics.

Last summer, the probe into Hunter Biden for possible tax law violations had reached a point where prosecutors could’ve issued grand jury subpoenas and sought search warrants.

Some officials involved in the case were ready to charge ahead, but others urged Weiss to be cautious in going forward.

According to sources, insiders told the pit bull attorney to avoid taking actions that would alert the public of Hunter’s case in the middle of a presidential election.

Now some are wondering if that pit bull turned into a shih tzu at the behest of Daddy Joe Biden himself.

What’s not known to many Americans is that Delaware has an underground political culture similar to that of the New Jersey mob.

It’s an established fact that Delaware political dynasties such as the Biden family are rarely investigated and often protected from any type of legal action.

Joe Biden himself embraces what’s affectionately referred to as “the Delaware way” – a moniker for the cozy political culture in the Blue Hen State.

One person involved in the discussions between Weiss and the political powers that be in Delaware has been quoted as saying about the veteran prosecutor’s decision to pause the investigation, “to his credit, he listened.”

Now Weiss is in an even worse spot than before – as now he’s tasked with deciding on how to proceed with an investigation into a sitting President’s son!

Of course, most astute political observers believe that had the investigation into Hunter Biden continued during the 2020 election, the man sitting in the White House would be Donald Trump, not Joe Biden.

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