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PayPal Just Took This One Action That Could Mean the End for Them

Big Tech’s mission has gone from providing a service to now “keeping you safe.”

At least that’s what the Big Tech Titans want you to believe.

But now PayPal just took one action that could mean the end for them.

Big Tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and Google have announced they’ll begin sharing content in the so-called “Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism” (GIFCT) database.

Their stated goal is to crack down on material from “white supremacists” and “far-right militias.”

But they aren’t actually going after racists or militias – they’re going after anyone who disagrees with their one-world socialist agenda.

And it’s totally up to the Big Tech titans and their minions to decide what constitutes as “white supremacy” and what makes up a “far-right militia.”

Now PayPal, eager to please, has decided they want in on the action too, no matter the cost to their reputation.

PayPal has announced they will be teaming up with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to gather “intelligence” on how extremist and hate movements use financial platforms for funding.

Remember, “extremists” and so-called “hate movements” are defined by PayPal and the ADL – ADL being the same group that thinks Ron Paul supporters and pro-life Christians are threats.

According to a press release on Monday, July 26th, the initiative will be led through ADL’s Center on Extremism.

“We have a unique opportunity to further understand how hate spreads and develop key insights that will inform the efforts of the financial industry, law enforcement, and our communities in mitigating extremist threats,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, ADL’s CEO.

Along with “following the financial flows” of so-called “white supremacists” and “anti-government organizations,” the initiative will focus on any networks profiting from “racism” or “anti-immigration” sources.

Note – see how quickly they went from white supremacy to anti-immigration?

Of course, PayPal and ADL will share their information with other Big Tech conglomerates and law enforcement.

“We’re hoping to have an impact on fighting hatred and extremism, which sadly seems to be surging in society across the globe,” said Aaron Karczmer, PayPal’s chief risk officer.

According to news reports, fourteen companies will have access to the GIFCT database, including Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram, Dropbox, and others.

Yes, even Dropbox monitors the files you’re sharing with those PTA moms for the upcoming bake sale.

The left will stop at nothing to take down those who disagree and they’ve got the backing of some very powerful people with some very deep pockets.

And it’s about to get much worse.

We must fight and take back our great nation before it’s too late.

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