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Here is The Dark Side of COVID Dr. Fauci Doesn’t Want to Tell You About

Coronavirus has consumed most of the world’s attention for the last year and a half, especially here in the U.S.

As more scientific information comes to light, many now realize efforts to combat it were more about political power than health.

And there’s a dark side to COVID Dr. Fauci doesn’t want to tell you about.

At the beginning of the pandemic, most everyone listened to the so-called experts, truly believing that they were working to keep people safe.

However, it didn’t take long to realize the “experts” were at best confused and – at worst – complicit in a disgusting power grab at the expense of people’s lives.

As the supposed “fourteen days to flatten the curve” turned into thirty days, then ninety, to now no end in sight, many are starting to question just what the “experts” are really up to.

And why no one has talked about the horrific effects that the COVID lockdowns and fearmongering have had on mental health.

The suicide rate among children has skyrocketed, and it’s being reported that in the U.K., alcohol consumption is at an all-time high.

In a recent report, approximately 2.5 million adults in the U.K. consume “50 units of alcohol” per week – one million more than before COVID lockdowns.

For reference, Britain’s National Health Service recommends no more than “14 units of alcohol” per week. In America, that is equivalent to one bottle of wine every day or twenty double whiskies a week.

Now the editors here at Deep State Journal are certainly no teetotalers, and many of us are known to throw back a double whiskey or two (or three) from time to time, but 50 units is shockingly high.

That’s not just casual, social drinking.

Even worse, every age group in the U.K. has seen an increase in alcohol consumption.

“The impact of the Covid pandemic on alcohol use has been devastating. The latest data, taken together with the highest number of alcohol-specific deaths on record, is a stark warning for the Government,” said Dr. Tony Rao, a researcher at King’s College London.

Not surprisingly, the most significant increase was seen in ages 65 and up, followed closely by 18 to 24-year-olds.

This is a devastating report and it isn’t just confined to the U.K.

In the U.S., 47.1 million people are now coping with a serious mental health condition – a 1.5 million increase since 2019.

As the pandemic continues and governments get set to institute more draconian mandates and lockdowns, Americans are reporting the highest levels of anxiety and depression – both often precursors to substance abuse.

Yet, government officials are more worried about people wearing masks, getting vaccinated, and “staying home.”

The U.S. was already suffering from a mental health crisis before COVID, but the pandemic has taken it to heights no one ever expected.

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