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Twitter Just Upped the Ante on Censorship And You Won’t Believe Who They Banned Now

Just when you thought the world might finally be getting out from under the coronavirus pandemic, a new strain mysteriously appears that’s even worse than the last.

Americans are as confused as ever when it comes to “following the science.”

And right on cue, Twitter has upped the ante on COVID “misinformation” and you won’t believe who they banned now.

Officials worldwide are beginning to put numerous COVID regulations back in place and warning of cataclysmic events if we don’t mask-up and “vax-up” right away.

And Twitter is right there with them, policing “misinformation” – and now – even going after journalists.

CEO Jack Dorsey seemed to lay off some of the censorship for a bit after catching a lot of flak for banning some very big-name celebrities for merely voicing their opinions, but now they’re back at it again – and in full force.

The latest COVID strain, the Delta variant, has the left in a tizzy and Big Tech, once again, doing their part to censor those who spread “misinformation.”

Now it looks like conservative journalist and commentator (and self-proclaimed vaccine doubter) Alex Berenson can hang his hat with Donald Trump because Twitter has banned him –permanently.

Berenson was able to address the suspension on his Substack page, saying the suspension came following a recent post where he criticized the COVID vaccine.

“It doesn’t stop infection. Or transmission. Don’t think of it as a vaccine. Think of it — at best — as a therapeutic with a limited window of efficacy and terrible side effect profile that must be dosed IN ADVANCE OF ILLNESS,” Berenson’s tweet had read.

Berenson went on to defend his position on his Substack page and blast social media.

“We have reached a dangerous moment. Social media companies that have audiences which dwarf any other are now actively censoring reporters at the behest of governments. I will continue to fight to get out the truth and am considering all legal options,” Berenson wrote.

He’s right. It is a scary time.

When an individual is censored for questioning an untested vaccine, there is no freedom of speech any longer.

And when they are banned for stating something that many medical experts are also saying, it is a sad day for science.

No wonder Americans are so confused. How are we supposed to “follow the science” if following the science gets you banned?

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