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Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden Now Want to Monitor This Activity of Every American

Most Americans are furious over Biden’s vaccine mandates, but Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats aren’t stopping there. 

They’re working overtime to push for even more radical policies.

And now Pelosi and Joe Biden want to monitor this activity of every single American citizen.

The Democrats continue their push for complete control over the American people.

This includes the ability to see every American’s interactions, movements, social media activity, and business dealings.

If Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden get their way, it will also include the ability to monitor any financial transaction you make that’s more than $600!

The Democrats’ much-vaunted ‘reconciliation’ bill – which they’re desperately trying to push through Congress – has many concerning details hidden throughout the proposal.

Our own researchers have been pouring through its legislation and have yet to find anything redeeming in this bill.

Among the most troubling parts, however, is a section detailing the requirement for banks nationwide to annually report the gross inflow and outflow from their customers’ business and personal accounts (including checking, savings, loans and investment accounts, as well as others) if the inflow/outflow totals $600 or more in a year – or – if the account has a fair market value of at least $600.

While Democrats claim the plan would mainly target the self-employed and prevent tax evasion, the IRS would know how much money is in an individual’s bank account in a given year, whether that individual has earned income, and exactly how much money was coming in and going out.

While banks across the country have come out in opposition of the plan saying it will inflict onerous amounts of extra requirements on them, the plan is rightfully raising questions about privacy and likely violates the Fourth Amendment.

The proposal has been immediately panned by Republicans and even some Democrats – so we’re praying this part of the bill stays on the cutting-room floor.

But Biden and his team will still try to find a workaround, so be ready to fight.


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