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Joe Biden is Furious That His Vaccine Mandates are Causing This to Happen

The push to force COVID jabs on every American is beginning to blow up in Uncle Joe’s face.

Opposition to the heavy-handed, jack-booted tactic has grown faster than anyone predicted.

And Joe Biden is furious that his vaccine mandates are causing this to happen.

Americans are fed up with the mixed signals coming from Fauci and the CDC over all things COVID-19.

Don’t wear a mask, wear a mask. Wear two masks. Get the vaccine and don’t wear a mask. Get the vaccine and STILL wear a mask…

And when Donald Trump was President, every single Democrat screamed the vaccine was being rushed into production.

Then magically, in just a few months, Joe Biden becomes President and the vaccine is jabbed into the arms of millions of Americans after less than one year of testing.

And then, it’s suddenly approved by an FDA known to take five years just to approve cold medicine!

But now Joe Biden and his commissars are realizing that maybe they’ve gone a step too far with their vaccine mandates.

Thousands of Americans across the country are rising up and saying “NO!” with many strongly opposing the vaccine for religious reasons.

Numerous groups like the Religious Freedom Institute (RFI) and Liberty Counsel say they’ve been inundated with requests for religious exemptions.

Liberty Counsel reports they receive 500 calls a day on the topic.

One pastor we spoke with in Indiana has written up more than 1,000 religious exemption forms already.

An attorney who fights for first amendment rights and religious freedoms told us the key to a successful religious exemption appeal is the individual’s sincerely and deeply held belief in opposition to the vaccine.

CBN News reports:

“Professor Brad Jacob at the Regent University School of Law says it’s easier to claim a religious exemption if there’s a church or denomination that shares the belief, but he cautions that it’s not necessary.”

“The Supreme Court has made it very clear that religious convictions that merit protection are individual,” he said. “I don’t have to have a church behind me if I say I have this conviction that I can’t do ‘x,’ whatever ‘x’ happens to be.” Roger Severino, a senior fellow at the Ethics & Public Policy Center and former director of the Office of Civil Rights at the DHHS goes even further noting that Title 7 of employment discrimination law entitles people to religious accommodations.

“What we want to avoid is employers, and worst of all, the federal government, becoming some sort of Star Chamber inquisitorial board, probing into people’s religious beliefs,” he said. “If a person says, ‘these are my reasons – I disagree with abortion, the sanctity of human life. I know that the aborted fetal cells are part of the testing,’ that should be it. That should be case closed on whether or not they have a sincere belief. You don’t need a letter from your pastor.”

But that’s not stopping the pastor in Indiana and scores of others from providing religious exemption forms.

Oklahoma Pastor and Senate candidate Jackson Lahmeyer is doing it too, saying, “It’s not an anti-vaccine thing. It’s a pro-freedom thing.”

CBN News also reported that close to 3,000 LAPD employees plan to seek either a religious or medical exemption from the vaccine as well.

And, of course, the lawsuits have already begun.

This is a high-stakes fight and the results could change religious and individual liberties in our nation forever.

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