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Joe Biden Gives the Heave-Ho to Navy SEAL Team Members for Fauciism

It seems the people who scream “FOLLOW THE SCIENCE” the loudest are the ones who follow it the least.

They refuse to acknowledge that a baby is a human, that men are men and women are women, and that the earth changes climates.

And now, in the name of fake science – or Fauciism – Joe Biden has given the heave-ho to Navy SEAL members.

Joe Biden does not respect the United States armed forces.

But that isn’t a surprise at all.

However, Joe Biden’s latest Fauciist decree against the Navy SEALS will shock you.

First Biden mandated government workers be vaccinated, then he went after the private sector by mandating vaccinations for companies with 100 employees or more.

Now, even as hundreds of lawsuits are being filed, Biden keeps pushing his unconstitutional mandates.

Recently Creepy Uncle Joe announced that all members of the armed forces must be vaccinated in order to serve.

This is shameful.

These men and women willingly choose to risk their lives to defend this (once) great nation – and he wants to force them to get vaccinated just to prove a political point.

But more than that, the real goal here is to get all the true patriots out of the military.

According to the most recent report, as many as one quarter of all SEALS could be forced out because they object to the vaccine on religious grounds.

In an interview with Just the News, Pastor Jeff Durbin stated:

“There are hundreds of Navy SEALs who have not been vaccinated, do not want to take the vaccine, or who have had and recovered from COVID and have the benefit of natural immunity . . . A large number of SEALS that I am speaking on behalf of are facing the very difficult decision that even with a legitimate religious exemption that is based upon their commitments to Christ, the Gospel, God’s Law, and the Constitution, they will no longer be Navy SEALs.”

It’s disturbing that Joe Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and their comrades find it more important to force a vaccine on our military – sheerly for political optics – rather than honor these brave men and women who defend this country.

“They are essentially being asked to make a decision between their commitments to the lordship of Christ and their careers as Navy SEALs. Our country should be very concerned about what this would do to military readiness. Losing hundreds of Navy SEALs because of their legitimate and sincerely held Christian beliefs could be devastating to us as a nation,” Pastor Durbin continued.

Biden and the Democrats care more about compliance than the well-being of the American people.

Thankfully it’s not too late to fight back and take them out at the ballot box.

However, time IS short. The next few election cycles could be the difference between saving our constitutional republic or living in a socialist paradise.

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