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Joe Biden Considering Adding These Everyday Americans to Terrorist Watch List

It’s becoming clearer every single day that Americans are mad.

There have been more frontpage headlines about fed-up citizens in the past few months than seen in decades.

So, in response, Joe Biden is thinking about adding them to the terrorist watch list.

From chants of “F*** Joe Biden” at college football games and NASCAR races, to entire police forces walking off the job, Americans are just done.

Maybe nowhere is this more clear than at local school board meetings across the nation.

Public schools around the country are pushing radical curriculum on unsuspecting children in hopes of indoctrinating the next generation.

Leftist educators and administrators believe they own our children’s minds and should be allowed to teach our children whatever they want.

And when politicians like Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe publicly state that parents should not have the right to tell schools what they should teach – it’s clear the government has no business running our education system.

But finally, parents – and even some teachers – have started fighting back and protesting during school board meetings.

So much so that the socialist bureaucrats over at the National School Boards Association (NSBA) are calling on Joe Biden to consider these protests as “a form of domestic terrorism.”

NSBA sent a letter to Biden asking for “federal assistance” to stop the threats and acts of violence being made against “public school children, public school board members, and other public school district officials and educators.”

Far be it from them to look at their own policies, their own radical teacher unions, or anti-science transgender teachings—no, they blame the parents.

If that’s not a complete violation of parental rights, I don’t know what is.

But not to be outdone, CNN – the nation’s premiere leftist propaganda machine – jumped into the mix and started airing clips of the so-called “violence” occurring during these school board meetings.

The only problem?

There was no violence.

Of course, the fiery riots instigated by the violent left that have destroyed innocent people’s livelihoods, those are considered “peaceful protests” by CNN – but parents speaking out against the indoctrination of their children is “violence.”

The socialists, Biden administration, CNN, and the teachers’ unions believe it is more important to label concerned parents “domestic terrorists” than worry about the Marxist material being fed to our children.

Parents have a right to know what is being taught to their children and to speak up when they believe the curriculum is harmful – and it certainly is.

This is not about the safety of children, it’s about trying to brainwash them.

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