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George Soros Has Ties to the Leftist VA Prosecutor Who Tried to Cover Up a Rape

Loudoun County, Virginia is at the forefront in the battle for parental rights in America.

And now news is coming out that Loudoun County School Board had covered up a sexual assault that occurred on school grounds in order to protect their transgender agenda.

Even worse, the prosecutor who tried to jail the father of the sexual assault victim has ties to leftist billionaire George Soros.

By now, it’s likely that most Americans have seen the viral footage of a visibly enraged man with blood dripping from his lip getting dragged out of a Loudoun County, VA, school board meeting in handcuffs.

But what many weren’t told is why this man was so outraged and why the school board had him forcibly arrested and removed from the meeting.

Meet Scott Smith.

Smith, 48, is the father of a young girl who had been sexually assaulted by a “gender-fluid” student in the girls bathroom at school.

On June 22, Smith was arrested at a Loudoun County school board meeting after angrily confronting the board about his daughter being sexually assaulted by a “gender-fluid” boy “wearing a skirt” in the girls bathroom at school.

The situation escalated when superintendent Scott Ziegler alleged they had received no claims of any kind of sexual assault occurring in school bathrooms because of transgender policies.

In the end it was revealed that the school board, one member in particular, Beth Barts, had been hiding the incident in order to push through the radical transgender agenda the Loudoun County public school system has been spearheading.

Beth Barts has since resigned after facing immense backlash from parents, a recall effort, and a huge court loss.

Now people are learning that Buta Biberaj, the prosecutor in the case against Scott Smith, has clear ties to Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe and well-known mega Democrat donor, George Soros.

The Daily Wire released an explosive article describing Biberaj as a “progressive” prosecutor who ran on the platform of ending “mass incarceration.”

It’s interesting to note that Biberaj fought to have Smith incarcerated for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest – both misdemeanor charges.

Now we know that the motives to prosecute Smith have all been political.

Biberaj fought against the recall petition made against Beth Barts and came under fire earlier this month for dismissing hundreds of domestic violence cases right on the heels of an accused wifebeater murdering his wife with a hammer while out on bond.

Yet she found it necessary to jail a rightfully distraught and outraged father for confronting a school system for lying about his daughter’s rape?

The political motive is clear as day.

According to public records, Biberaj was one of several Soros-backed prosecutors elected in Northern Virginia in 2019.

Biberaj’s campaign received nearly $850k from Soros’s PAC.

While all this did result in Beth Bart’s resignation, superintendent Scott Ziegler has so far refused to step down despite hundreds of calls and demands to do so.

The actions of the Loudoun County School Board, Ziegler, prosecutor Biberaj, and any others complicit in the cover-up of not one – but now TWO – sexual assaults committed by this boy in a skirt need to be brought to swift justice.

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