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Facebook Censors Strike Again, This Time They’ve Gone After Women Kidnap Victims

The Facebook overlords are on a mission to censor everything that is good and right in this world, while promoting evil.

In fact, it’s so blatantly bad that the social media giant is allowing hate-filled images and videos posted by Islamic terrorists.

Yet Facebook censors are shutting down sites that come to the aid of women kidnap victims.

Recently Facebook admitted in open court that their so-called “fact-checkers” are nothing more than opinionated leftists.

In fact, they claimed in their defense against a lawsuit that their “fact-checkers” aren’t “fact-checkers” at all but only offer opinions.

But that hasn’t slowed the Zuckerberg censors from continuing their anti-conservative, anti-Christian actions.

Facebook even recently censored the page of a Christian charity that was fighting to protect women who are being kidnapped, allegedly abused and raped, and forced into Islamic marriages.

In November, London-based Aid to the Church in Need UK launched a Facebook campaign to try and assist Christian women being abused by Muslim extremists in several African and Middle Eastern countries.

The group’s Facebook campaign was the result of a report outlining atrocities against these Christian women who were being kidnapped, abused, some raped, and then forced to convert to Islam and marry Muslim extremist terrorists.

But it seems Facebook doesn’t want to help Christian women who are victims of this violent practice because the campaign has since been censored by the Facebook overlords.

According to reports, about a week after the campaign started Facebook told the group it was cutting the number of ads it

could post but the social media giant refused to give an explanation as to why it was doing this.

“People hide and report ads because they find them to be offensive, misleading, sexually inappropriate, violent, about a sensitive topic or for other reasons,” was all Facebook said.

Aid to the Church in Need provides assistance and pastoral care to people in need and promotes the Catholic Church globally, so how Facebook could deem them inappropriate is baffling and disgusting.

Once again Facebook is involved in efforts that are nothing more than veiled attempts to take down Christians.

Facebook eventually told the group that it was “reviewing the matter,” but gave no timeline as to when they’d have a final decision.

“By curbing this campaign, [Facebook is] silencing these women twice over,” the group’s National Director Neville Kyrke-Smith said.

“They are silenced when they are seized from their homes and forced to live with their abductors, and have now been silenced again by Facebook,” he continued.

Both Catholic News Agency and MRC Free Speech America tried to reach Facebook personnel to discuss the matter, but neither organization has received an answer from the Big Tech titan.

Christianity continues to be under attack around the world and the actions of social media platforms like Facebook only aid in these attacks.

Extremist Muslim groups in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia are literally murdering thousands of Christians every month.

And hundreds of girls and women are being kidnapped and sold into slavery by these Islamic extremists.

Yet Facebook has repeatedly censored pro-Christian content while letting Islamic terrorist groups run free on the platform.

One could almost think that Mark Zuckerberg and his executives at Facebook had some personal reason for wanting the kidnapping

of young children who are sold into the sex trade industry to continue.

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