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This Border Patrol Official Just Said the One Thing That Has Joe Biden Seething

Joe Biden’s handling of the border has been nothing short of a national emergency.

His desire to flood the nation with illegal immigrants has put American lives unnecessarily at risk.

And now this Border Patrol official just said the one thing that has Joe Biden seething.

There is simply no denying that Joe Biden’s administration has caused irreparable damage at America’s southern border.

It could take decades to fix it, if it can even be fixed.

Well, there’s no denying it unless you’re Joe Biden, a member of his administration, or a member of the media who all continue to deny any problems at the southern border.

Biden and most leftists’ desire to overturn any good Donald Trump did with his border policies has only made things worse for the country.

A number of missteps in a slew of different policy areas by Biden over the last year have shown just how little he really cares about the American people.

But perhaps none more so than what has happened at our southern border.

Because through his policies Joe Biden has put the safety of the American people at risk. And he’s done it all because his ego is so big he cares about nothing more than taking down former President Donald Trump.

And even the officials at the border are starting to speak out about how bad Biden has made things there.

Recently, former Acting Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan said in an interview with Breitbart News Daily podcast host Alex Marlow that 600,000 illegal aliens have

broken into the United States because the resources at the border are so weak.

And make no mistake about it: Those 600,000 illegals are not being tested for COVID and are unvaccinated despite Biden’s repeated message that testing and being vaccinated is the “right thing to do” and the “patriotic thing to do.”

But, if COVID is so bad and so deadly, and being vaccinated and tested is so absolutely vital to America, then why is Joe Biden letting illegals flood across the southern border?

Either the vaccine isn’t as important or necessary as Biden says, or he doesn’t actually care about American lives, or both.

Actually, it’s because Joe Biden and the leftist activists know they’ll vote Democrat.

“[Joe Biden] said that it’s unpatriotic for you not to get a vaccine. Meanwhile, it’s this president’s policies that have incentivized two million apprehensions during his first eleven and a half months of office. Another number that’s very important: 600,000 got-aways, that’s 600,000 illegal aliens that have broken into our country and invaded, and why? Because 60, 70 percent of our Border Patrol resources are pulled off the front line, pulled off the national security mission to process two million [migrants],” Morgan said.

Further, according to Morgan, a “minimum of 25 percent of the illegal aliens crossing our borders have active COVID.”

So, Joe Biden is telling Americans to get vaccinated, mask up and lockdown again, plus he told us to stay home and not celebrate Christmas.

But he doesn’t care about the hundreds of thousands of COVID cases walking into the U.S. across the southern border.

Joe Biden simply does not care about the American people or their safety. Like other socialists before him, it is all about power. And control.

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