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Biden’s CIA Secretly Agreed to Train Ukrainian Troops to Fight War with Russia

As tensions mount and Putin ramps up threats, Joe Biden may be forced into action. 

And while most Americans question the wisdom of a war with Russia over Ukraine, Biden’s actions may be leading us there. 

Because Biden’s CIA secretly agreed to train Ukrainian troops to fight a war with Russia. 

There is no doubt that Vladimir Putin and the Russian empire are bad news. 

In fact, you certainly would call the man enemy of the United States. Right up there with Communist China and North Korea.  

But whether or not Joe Biden should be leading the United States into war against the Russians over Ukraine is a serious question. 

A question that should, according to the Constitution, be decided by Congress, not by Joe Biden. 

And yet we now find out that U.S. intelligence officials and CIA officials have secretly agreed to both arm and train Ukrainian troops on how to fight a guerrilla war against Russian forces.  

In fact, it appears that senior U.S. military officers are planning to help Ukraine forces attack advancing Russian soldiers in rearguard assaults, if they advance across the front line. 

High-level meetings took place last week between the Defense Intelligence Agency and the CIA to work out plans on how to aid the Ukrainians in stopping Russian advances. 

According to most sources Russia is believed to already have more than 175,000 troops behind the 250-mile front line.  

These troops have joined with Moscow-backed “separatists” and are being bolstered by a continued build-up of Russian forces.  

They are facing off against an overmatched and outnumbered Ukrainian force in trench fortifications that are in some places less than 350 feet apart. 

Reports from these lines are that mortars, artillery, and sniper bullets are being fired daily by Russian troops and the “separatists” at the Ukrainian positions. 

Multiple sources have come forward both here and in Europe to indicate that American military personnel and intelligence officials have been meeting regularly to determine how best to help the Ukrainians in their defense against the Russians should an all-out invasion occur. 

While the Defense Department’s budget for military assistance to Ukraine this year is “limited” to around $580 million, that does not include intelligence money that may be spent, money that may be spent off the books, or money for special forces “training.”  

And the Biden administration has already made it clear that should Russia attack, the U.S. will supply Ukraine with heavy weapons. 

U.S. intelligence is trying to let Putin know that if he chooses to attack Ukraine, he will end up surrounded, in hostile territory, with his supply lines cut off.  

The intention by the Biden administration seems to be more of a ploy to stop Putin from ordering an invasion than it does a real threat. 

We’ve already seen what the Biden administration’s military can, and cannot, do.   

Unfortunately, too many American lives have already been lost by Biden’s ineptness and unwillingness to truly be a leader. 

Afghanistan was horrible enough. All-out war with Russia, especially under this administration, with a military led by officers more worried about being ‘woke’ than waging war, would lead to complete disaster. 

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