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Communist Chinese Army Replacing Troops With These ‘Kill-Bots’ in War Zone

ChiComm troops are struggling to operate in high-altitude war conditions.

So the Red Chinese Army is making adjustments to gain the upper hand.

That’s why the ChiComms are replacing human troops with “kill-bots” in this hotly contested war zone.

Right on the heels of Deep State Journal’s report about Communist Chinese robot prosecutors comes the latest in Red Chinese robotics.

This time the reports are far more ominous and Terminator-like.

The Communist Chinese Army is now replacing soldiers with machinegun-toting robots in Tibet because Red Army troops are not coping well with the freezing conditions and thin air at the high altitudes.

Sources say the ChiComms are already deploying dozens of unmanned “killer” vehicles to its “hot” border with India where Communist Chinese forces are locked in a standoff with their Indian counterparts in the Himalayan mountains.

Until now the Indian troops, much more acclimated to the high altitudes and thin air have had the advantage, but Red Chinese Army leaders believe these “kill-bots” fitted with machineguns and ammo transports will help even things out, and even give the Communist Chinese the advantage.

Indian media outlets first reported the movements of dozens of these unmanned robotic vehicles capable of carrying both weapons and much needed supplies.

Vehicles being moved into the theatre include both the Sharp Claw, mounted with a light machine gun, and operated wirelessly, and the Mule-200, designed as an unmanned supply vehicle but also fitted with weapons.

According to Times Now News, Beijing claims to have sent 88 Sharp Claws to Tibet, of which 38 are deployed to the border region, and as many as 120 Mule-200s have also been sent.

Beijing made these latest deployments after reports that soldiers had been fitted with futuristic exoskeleton suits to help them cope with the punishing weather at high altitudes.

As we reported a few months ago, soldiers were given carbon-fiber exoskeleton suits giving them the appearance of a futuristic army of Terminators.

But reports from the region indicate that even with these exoskeletons, troops had been struggling because of a lack of oxygen at that altitude making loads feel heavier and soldiers tire more easily.

China and India have fought a conflict in their border region for decades along what is known as the “Line of Actual Control.”

The region is extremely dry, remote, and largely inhospitable and has little to no practical value.

Beyond a few trading routes that criss-cross its deserts, there is no real intrinsic value for either nation. However, the region holds symbolic meaning for both nations.

Tensions flared up again in 2020 as hand-to-hand fighting broke out between ChiComm and Indian troops, resulting in dozens killed in skirmishes fought with a variety of melee weapons including nail-studded clubs.

The Communist Chinese government accused India of provoking its troops, while India accused Beijing of trying to re-draw the border and take territory from India.

Satellite images at the time backed India’s claims, showing new Red Chinese construction within disputed areas.

These latest military moves by Communist China come against the backdrop of a wider military buildup by the Red Chinese in an increasingly belligerent posture with all its neighbors, especially Taiwan.

This is a rapidly changing situation that could have major implications for the United States; Deep State Journal is watching it closely and will keep you updated.

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