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COVID Lockdowns Just a Test Run for These Climate Change Restrictions

Americans have suffered through almost two years of government lockdowns, mandates, and crippling restrictions over COVID.

These supposedly temporary actions have left our nation on the edge of chaos and economic ruin.

But now it looks like COVID lockdowns were just the test run for even more ominous climate change restrictions to come.

There is no question the past two years have been a socialist checklist of government power and control.

COVID fears, disinformation and outright lies by the medical establishment, government officials, the media, and politicians have caused many Americans to even accept these unconstitutional assaults on their freedoms.

But now we are finding out what many of us warned is true — COVID lockdowns were only a test run.

There is another leftist crisis that is really the main goal.

And given the success they’ve had with forcing their control on the American people over a virus with a 99% survivability rate, the next “disaster” is set up to be even worse.

The growing fear over so-called “climate change” (formally known as global warming, and before that as global cooling) may very soon lead to long-term lockdowns, more draconian mandates, and devastating economic ruin.

In fact, calls for increasingly harsh government measures all in the name of “climate change” have already begun. As far back as November 2020, the Red Cross said climate change was a bigger threat than COVID and must be confronted with “the same urgency.”

Social engineer and socialist billionaire Bill Gates recently demanded immediate and drastic measures to prevent climate change, claiming it will be worse than COVID.

And claims that the deaths from climate change will dwarf those of COVID are appearing more and more frequently.

The solution, according to the radical leftist and climate change hoaxers?

Well, more lockdowns of course.

Lockdowns from COVID significantly reduced carbon emissions during 2020 and therefore must be considered as a solution to the climate change crisis, they say.

First, they want to impose steep carbon taxes on companies, forcing them to limit driving and flying miles.

But they don’t stop there. They want to extend those carbon taxes to individual employees as well. As always with socialist schemes, this would hurt low-income Americans the most.

The plan also calls for rolling blackouts, focusing of course on areas of high-density industry.

And of course we are already seeing states like California banning the sale of gasoline-powered cars, lawnmowers, chainsaws and other machines.

All of this is occurring even though nothing in science backs up such drastic measures.

You know, just like with COVID restrictions.

That doesn’t stop the environmental wackos, socialists and elites from claiming that climate change is the “biggest threat modern humans have ever faced.”

That’s why climate change lockdowns and restrictions will be framed by them, the media, and the politicians as necessary for saving lives.

And anyone opposing such measures will be deemed at best selfish, and at worst a domestic terrorist or murderer.

Of course, these lockdowns and restrictions will only apply to you and me. The elites and powerful will, just like with mask mandates, receive special treatment.

Because after all, it has nothing to do with masks, or vaccines, or climate change, or saving lives.

Their real goal, their only goal, is power.

And only by understanding this, and being willing to confront them politically, will we be able to stop them from achieving their goal.

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