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Bill Gates Caught Red Handed in One Relationship that Changes Everything

Microsoft billionaire has been in the news a lot lately.

He’s received media coverage on everything from his support of vaccines, to his divorce, to his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

But now Bill Gates has been caught red handed in one sordid relationship that changes everything.

There is no doubt Gates is a smart and enterprising man.

But there’s also no doubt where his politics lies.

He’s a strong proponent of abortion and population control, has donated to dozens of leftist causes, and is an avid proponent of vaccine mandates – all while owning stock in companies involved in vaccines of course!

And it turns out, Bill Gates has strong ties with the Communist Chinese.

In his new bestseller, Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, author Peter Schweizer devotes a lot of attention to the very disturbing relationship between Bill Gates and the Communist Chinese government.

And while one might expect the founder and owner of Microsoft to be selling computers to the ChiComs, Gates also helped the ChiComs improve their nuclear reactors.

According to the book, in 2011 a company called TerraPower began working with the Communist Chinese National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) on a “next-generation” reactor.

TerraPower was founded by none other than Bill Gates.

While this project was reportedly civilian in nature, the fact is the CNNC also works for the Communist Chinese military — and the reactors that TerraPower developed for them just so happens to be “incredibly effective at propelling ships at sea, including military vessels.”

In years past there was a word for an American citizen who did something like this—treason.

But of course, Bill Gates is part of the elite.

Fortunately, the Trump administration ended the partnership in 2018, but Gates is undeterred and is pursuing other ways to keep working with Communist China under the guise of combating “climate change.”

And now that he has a friend in the White House, there’s no telling what nuclear secrets the Microsoft maven may be giving our Communist Chinese enemies, even as they saber rattle and threaten war with Taiwan.

“China has a lot to contribute,” Gates told Communist Chinese state media. “China is building about 40 percent of all the nuclear builds in the world.”

“So to the degree we’re allowed, we’re going to be very aggressive about building Chinese partnerships. If we don’t have cooperation, then things like climate change will be much more difficult to solve,” he continued.

It would seem with Gates’ ex-wife now coming forward to discuss his close friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and how that played a major role in their divorce, Bill Gates has bigger problems than climate change right here at home..

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