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Joe Biden Caves to Union Threats and Extends This Unpopular COVID Mandate

A federal agency that’s even more worthless than cloth masks just announced they were extending one unpopular COVID mandate.

But it wasn’t because of science or out of concern for anyone’s health or well-being.

No, it was because of threats from the Big Labor Union Bosses.

It’s amazing how the end of the pandemic came right around the same time the polls started showing a Democrat bloodbath for 2022.

It also strangely ended right before Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address – which, as it turns out, was a very good thing.

Can you imagine – mixing COVID mandates into that mess would’ve been a disaster of epic proportions.

But not all radical leftists are ready to see COVID leave, including the powerful flight attendants union CWA.

They like the power of being able to control passengers, including telling them what to put on their faces at all times.

So, the TSA, arguably the most ineffective and useless federal agency doesn’t care what Biden says either- they want masks forever.

The TSA announced on March 9th that it will be extending its widely unpopular mask mandate for public transportation for at least another month.

The mandate was set to expire on March 18th (after being extended twice already) but it’s just not time to say goodbye to those useless pieces of cloth, no matter how many studies prove they don’t work.

The TSA’s official reason for the extension is the upcoming Spring Break travel season, but the real reason is that the union bosses told them to and made threats if they did not.

A secondary reason for TSA’s extension is likely the desire to feel relevant and powerful even though the floundering agency has become the butt of everyone’s jokes.

From stripsearching little old ladies to sexually assaulting little girls, the TSA has become the pariah out of the federal alphabet soup menagerie – and with already disgraced agencies like the FBI and DOJ, that’s saying a lot.

The only real solution is to shut down the TSA and shut up the union bosses. Then we can return to flying the friendly skies.

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