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This Anti-Trump Lie About January 6th Just Gave the Liberal Media a Huge Black Eye

The mainstream, liberal media just can’t help themselves.

Their hatred for Donald Trump has blinded them to their own stupidity and irrelevance in today’s America.

And now this January 6th lie just gave the liberal media a huge black eye.

President Donald Trump’s four tumultuous years in office were marred by a liberal corporate media.

Every day of Trump’s presidency seemed to include a new “bombshell” report, each one worse than the last, each one proven to be fake news.

And actually, the “bombshell” reports are still dropping even though Trump hasn’t been in office for over a year.

The latest attempts to “get Trump” of course revolve around January 6th, which the Democrats and “Never-Trump” RINOS have painted as worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

And despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, these anti-Trump fanatics are running with a bizarre and implausible narrative that Donald Trump actually planned and orchestrated the Capitol Hill riots.

Even though the FBI already concluded the breach had not been planned.

Which of course that’s what they concluded! They have to cover their own butts since evidence is coming out that if anyone actually planned January 6th, it was the FBI and their informants.

So, the latest fake news report came courtesy of CNN.

The report claimed there were 7 hours of White House call logs missing from the day of January 6th and insinuated these missing call logs meant Trump and his top officials had obviously covered up their nefarious communications.

Unfortunately for CNN, it didn’t take long for the story to completely fall apart.

CNN reporter Jamie Gangel embarrassingly admitted, “CNN Breaking: The 6 pages of WH switchboard logs for 1/6 are complete based on an official review of White House records, according to a source familiar with the matter. There are no missing pages & the 7-hour gap is likely explained by use of WH landlines & cell phones link.”

But the damage was already done by the initial report.

In fact, it’s almost certain that was CNN’s intention all along.

The network’s producers and reporters know darn well that people remember and share the initial headline – they don’t remember the embarrassing corrections or even see them for that matter.

These activist “reporters” don’t abide by journalistic ethics, and their editors and producers are worse.

They aren’t news organizations, they’re bought-and-paid-for PR firms for the left.

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