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Hunter Biden’s Business Partner Was A Frequent Guest of Obama White House

Joe Biden claimed he knew nothing of wayward son Hunter’s business deals.

But now we know he met multiple times with Hunter and his business partners.

And one business partner was a frequent guest of the Obama White House.

While the media tries their best to cover it up, every day more evidence comes out that Joe Biden was up to his neck in his son’s likely illegal, and possibly even treasonous, business dealings.

Business ventures that made Hunter Biden and the Biden family tens of millions of dollars from working with foreign governments and companies in Ukraine, the Middle East and Communist China.

And it’s all coming to light now that even hardcore left-wing news outlets like The New York Times are finally admitting that Hunter’s laptop is real and contains some very damning information.

Of course, that didn’t stop them and other liberal outlets like CNN, MSNBC and The Washington Post from reporting the laptop story was actually a Russia disinformation campaign in the days before the 2020 Presidential election.

But now the floodgates are opening up. 

According to new reports, a close business partner of Hunter Biden made numerous trips to the White House while Joe Biden was Vice President.

Former President Obama’s White House visitor logs show Eric Schwerin, president of the Rosemont Seneca investment fund firm, met with Joe Biden in 2010. 

Rosemont Seneca was founded in 2009 by Hunter Biden, Christopher Heinz (stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry), and Devon Archer, an American businessman who was classmates with Heinz at Yale University. 

According to The New York Post, “Eric Schwerin met with Vice President Biden on November 17, 2010, in the West Wing, when he was the president of the since-dissolved investment fund Rosemont Seneca Partners.”

“The logs also reveal that Schwerin met with various close aides of both Joe and Jill Biden at key moments in Hunter’s life when he was striking multi-million dollar deals in foreign countries, including China.”

It is important to note that when they say China, they are referring to Communist mainland China.

The New York Post report also said that Schwerin “made at least 19 visits to the White House and other official locations between 2009 and 2015.”

And according to official White House archives, Obama appointed the same Eric D. Schwerin as a member of the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. 

The Obama administration in fact noted that Eric D. Schwerin was a “Founding Partner and Managing Director at Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC, positions he has held since 2008” at the time.

Responding to the report, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) had this to say; “Not everyone gets to meet the Vice President of the United States in the White House. The press should be asking why Hunter Biden’s business associates — like Eric Schwerin — had that privilege and were given access to the Obama White House. This is additional evidence that Joe Biden lied when he said he never discussed Hunter’s foreign business dealings. It’s well past time for the corporate media to demand the truth from Joe Biden. The corruption of Biden Inc. must be exposed.”

And that’s exactly right. Joe Biden must be made to give an answer for his role in his son’s sketchy business deals. 

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