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Donald Trump Proven Right Again as This Top Democrat Operative Pleads Guilty

The media and the establishment in both parties laughed at him.

But Donald Trump knew something was wrong.

And now Donald Trump has been proven right once again as this top Democrat operative just pled guilty.

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump speaks his mind.

And when he makes predictions claiming fraud and abuse, he usually turns out to be right.

And, when it comes down to it, those are really the biggest reasons why the establishment in both parties despise him so much.

Because Trump was not nearly as rabidly conservative as most make him out to be, but he wasn’t afraid to call the swamp’s denizens exactly what they are: crooks.

Of course, it was a very nice benefit that Trump gave us some of the best foreign policy we’ve seen in decades, and likely some of the best judicial appointees we’ll ever see.

But it was his uncanny ability to take on the corruption in the government that the establishment really did not like.

And it was only that much worse every single time President Trump said something that turned out to be true.

Take the 2020 elections for example.

Trump claimed immediately that something seemed off and clearly fraud and abuse of the system had affected the outcome.

He was, of course, laughed at and ridiculed right out of Washington, D.C.

And not just by Democrats. Most of the GOP establishment joined in.

“There was no fraud,” they cried.

“No election tampering,” they exclaimed.

“How dare Donald Trump question the integrity of our elections,” they screamed.

But election fraud is very real.

And it occurs every single election cycle.

So not only was 2020 no exception, but it’s turning out the fraud was more rampant than ever before.

And this latest case out of Arizona is just one more piece of evidence.

According to the Associated Press, a well-known Democrat operative and former mayor has pleaded guilty to ballot harvesting during the 2020 primary election.

Investigators with Arizona’s attorney general’s office said Guillermina Fuentes, 66, ran the operation in the border city of San Luis by persuading voters to let her gather their ballots, and in many cases, fill them out.

After the former Democrat mayor agreed to a plea deal, prosecutors dropped the three felony counts alleging Fuentes filled out voters’ ballots and forged several signatures on the ballots she turned in for non-family members.

Investigators’ reports show Fuentes and a co-defendant were seen with several mail-in envelopes outside a cultural center in San Luis on the day of the primary.

A write-in candidate took notice of it and recorded video footage of Fuentes in the act and then notified Yuma County’s sheriff’s department, reported the AP.

While this occurred in the primary election, it’s clear evidence that election fraud does in fact take place.

So anyone who makes the claim that there is no fraud or no illegal election activity is either in on it or too stupid to know better.

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