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The NRA and Joe Biden are Both Smiling as These Senate Republicans Just Did This For Them

The NRA hands out ‘A’ ratings like candy at a transgender kiddie grooming party.

And Joe Biden is all too happy to accept the NRA’s covering fire.

And now the NRA and Joe Biden are both smiling as Senate Republicans just did this.

We already know that Democrats never let a good crisis go to waste.

It’s become downright sickening to watch leftist politicians and celebrities gleefully celebrate the deaths of children in order to promote their calls for shredding the Constitution.

(If nothing else convinces the reader that these people are our bitter enemies, that should.)

And of course, every time there is a crisis, the RINOs decide they simply have to “do something” so as to appear “reasonable” and “caring.”

And unfortunately for you and me, this almost always results in two things: a loss of freedom and an increase in taxpayer funded programs.

Today is no different.

We now have 10 Republican Senators who are ready to cut a deal with the Democrats to strip away constitutional rights while at the same time increase federal spending on programs any rational person knows will do almost nothing.

And of those 10 GOP senators, 8 of them have an ‘A’ or ‘A+’ NRA rating.

So of course, the NRA is mobilizing against this horrible gun grab sell-out by its top-rated Senators, right? 

Well, no. 

You see, the NRA is remaining silent, and it is this editor’s bet they’ll end up quietly (or maybe even loudly) supporting this “compromise” gun grab.

Because when push comes to shove, when the chips are down, and your Second Amendment rights are on the line, you can always count on one thing – the NRA will be there to cut a deal and sell you out.

It’s who they are, it’s what they do.

Frankly, it’s as disgusting as the leftists. Actually, it’s more disgusting because at least the leftists and Democrats admit it.

The NRA steals millions of dollars from well-meaning gun owners and Second Amendment supporters every year, all the while knowing they are going to use that money to stab them (or shoot them) in the back.

While Joe Biden and the Democrats stand up and talk about how evil the NRA is, in private they know they can always count on the NRA to “do the right thing” and make gun grabs possible.

There was the fight over Obama’s “Bump Stock Ban,” the Parkland FIX-NICS, the Brady Bill, and more.

And almost every time, had the NRA just held firm, any gun grab would have been dead on arrival.

Just like with this horrible bill that strips Americans of their constitutional rights – not just their Second Amendment rights. 

This bill will compel states to pass “Red Flag” laws by providing financial “incentives.”

But this attacks the First Amendment since Red Flag laws are often exploited by vengeful partners, friends, family members, political opponents – people who will use anything you’ve ever said against you, and any disagreement with the ruling class will automatically be a red flag.

Of course, under Red Flag laws, your guns can all be seized, and you can be prohibited from owning firearms whether you’ve been convicted or even charged with a crime or not.

However, the Fourth Amendment is also in danger because under Red Flag laws, police can storm into your home and seize your guns without warrant based solely on a bald accusation, not evidence.

This means the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Amendments are in peril because Red Flag laws undermine due process, so you’re basically guilty until proven innocent.

Based on one mere accusation, a law-abiding gun owner is subjected to an “ex parte” hearing – a secret hearing where the accused gun owner is not allowed to offer any exonerating evidence and usually isn’t even informed of it, let alone entitled to legal counsel. 

And there is no right to a jury trial.

This is what the A and A+ rated GOP Senators just signed onto. 

And this is what the NRA appears to be backing.

No wonder Joe Biden and the Democrats are smiling.

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