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Barack Obama Seething After This Court Rules Against Him in Stunning Decision

Claims of “no scandals” during the Obama Administration are laughable now because of this one ruling.

And the Judge took it even further ruling that the Obama Administration IRS has to pay for its activities.

So Barack Obama is seething after this court ruled against him in a stunning decision.

One of the many conservative groups targeted by Lois Lerner and Obama’s IRS has won a major court victory.

This major victory in federal court proves yet again just how corrupt the Obama Administration was, and how far they would go to attack political enemies, namely conservative and libertarian groups.

True the Vote fought a nearly decade-long battle taking on the IRS and other federal agencies that they claimed unfairly targeted them.

Now, they have just won a major decision in federal court which includes the IRS paying all legal fees the group has incurred in the last 10 years awarded maximum attorney fees.

“This is a huge victory for every American who thinks that they can’t go up against the government and get what they deserve,” Catherine Engelbrecht, True the Vote’s founder, told Breitbart News. “This is an opportunity to make very clear that we didn’t back away and, therefore, American citizens didn’t back away—and we won.”

U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton ruled in favor of True the Vote in the case, and also penalized the IRS requiring them  to pay maximum attorney’s fees due to the IRS’s discrimination against the conservative organization that stemmed from the Lois Lerner scandal during the Barack Obama administration all the way back in 2010.

In addition to signing a consent order which included an IRS admission of guilt, Judge Walton also ruled last week that True the Vote was entitled to a “bad faith enhancement” to its requested attorney’s fees.

In his opinion, Judge Walton wrote that there is “clear and convincing evidence necessary for a finding of bad faith on the part of” the IRS.

While the exact amount is still being decided, True the Vote has requested the recovery of $1.9 million in attorney’s fees from the court battle.

“The conduct of the IRS and the government was nothing short of shocking,” Brock Akers of the Akers Firm, one of True the Vote’s attorneys, said in a news release about the ruling. “This ruling ought to reflect a collective sigh of relief from everyone that the judicial system really can be turned to for a just end to this nightmare. Check one in favor of Justice v. Swamp.”

This victory is huge, not just for the fees recovered by True the Vote, but it also establishes case law that could help stop any such actions by the IRS in the future.

It also sends a clear signal to the Deep State that conservatives are sick and tired of being abused by a bunch of gray-faced, gray-suited federal bureaucrats.

And these bureaucrats came after True the Vote hard.

The weight of the federal government coming down on Engelbrecht and True the Vote was so intense and wide-reaching that it was clear the federal government targeted her.

True the Vote’s press release pointed out that in 2010 a number of Obama administration agencies, including the IRS, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), began targeting Engelbrecht and True the Vote.

The battle lasted years and had the sole purpose of drowning True the Vote in so much government bureaucracy that they wouldn’t be able to accomplish its mission.

We will keep you posted should the DOJ decide to appeal this ruling.


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