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Donald Trump Will be Investigated, Bloomberg, Democrats Will Not Says Media Giant

CNN has already proven they are nothing more than the public relations firm for the Democrat Party and the paid shill for Antifa thugs.

They join a long list of media outlets who have given up all pretense of being impartial journalists and together have proven journalism in the United States is dead.

Now, this major media outlet just announced they will continue to investigate Donald Trump but will not investigate Michael Bloomberg or any other Democrat presidential candidate.

For decades conservative activists have been sounding the alarm that the nation’s media outlets were becoming nothing more than free advertising for the Democrats and their socialist activists.

Through the years the liberal media has gone from unbiased observers to biased commentators to now, well, just mouthpieces for the left.

Major outlets like CNN, NBC, ABC, and most major newspapers are derided and laughed at for their blatant attacks on Republicans, conservatives and anything they find not liberal enough.

Even so-called “fair and balanced” Fox News started this decline back in 2010 with their attacks on Libertarians and the Ron Paul movement.

Now, in a stunning memo to staff, Bloomberg News made it clear they will not investigate 2020 presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg or his 2020 Democrat rivals during any of its coverage of the upcoming presidential election, according to the memo which was obtained by The Hill.

We will continue our tradition of not investigating Mike (and his family and foundation) and we will extend the same policy to his rivals in the Democratic primaries. We cannot treat Mike’s democratic competitors differently from him,” Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait wrote in the memo.

That’s right, Bloomberg News is flat out saying they will not report on anything that might be uncovered on any of the many candidates running for the Democrat presidential nomination but will continue to dig under every rock and report every unsubstantiated rumor on President Trump, his family, his friends, his dog, and his neighbors, as long as it will do damage to the President.

So in other words, Bloomberg just let the truth get out – something they haven’t done with their reporting for years.

That truth being they are unashamedly, unabashedly and possibly illegally, biased.

They will continue to use their power and money to attack a sitting U.S. President and use their media platform to try and defeat him while propping up the Democrat challengers.

Michael Bloomberg founded the company bearing his name in 1981 and quickly built it into an enormous success, he currently still holds an estimated 88 percent of its stock, he is worth an estimated $52 billion, making him one of the 10 richest people in the world.

He recently came under fire (not by Bloomberg News of course) when he said it was good to raise taxes on the poor because that way they would live longer because they would make fewer poor choices with less money.

Bloomberg has been, for many years, a respected news organization with no real scandals, controversies or failures to speak of, something very rare in the world of journalism these days.

But this latest announcement changed all of that in a matter of minutes as most Americans and honest political observers realized Bloomberg is just one more news operation signed on to work for the Democrats in their public relations department.


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