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Axios Claims to Know the Contents of President Donald Trump’s Deep State Hit List

In January 2020, online viral sensation and former University of Connecticut quarterback, Johnny McEntee, was appointed Director of the Office of Presidential Personnel.

His job description? Identifying and removing anti-Trump federal employees. We now know more than ever that there are conspirators burrowed deep within the bowels of our federal government who want Donald Trump gone. And they will do anything to achieve that.

Now, liberal news institution, Axios, claims to know the exact people on President Donald Trump’s deep state hit list.

You’d have to be living under a rock to not realize there’s a deep state conspiring against President Donald Trump.

The liberal-infested, Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post recently featured an article with the headline, “Suddenly we need the ‘Deep State’ Trump has spent three years weakening and demeaning.”

The irony is the liberal media consistently rolls its collective eyes over the idea of a deep state, and yet the Washington Post admits there’s a deep state coup against President Trump in their headline.

Axios, founded in 2016 by former Politico staffers Jim VandeHei, Mike Allen, and Roy Schwartz, is a liberal news institution with a new style of reporting that caters towards people who are impatient readers. In other words, they dumb it down.

They recently wrote an article titled, “Exclusive: Trump’s ‘Deep State’ Hit List.”

Apparently, they’ve gotten their hands on three internal White House memos that identify deep state employees who have conspired against Trump and those working to expose them.

Axios reported:

While Trump’s distrust has only intensified since his impeachment and acquittal, he has long been on the hunt for ‘bad people’ inside the White House and U.S. government, and fresh ‘pro-Trump’ options. Outside advisers have been happy to oblige.”

Also according to Axios:

A well-connected network of conservative activists with close ties to Trump and top administration officials are quietly helping develop these ‘Never-Trump’/pro-Trump lists. Members of this network include Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and Republican Senate staffer Barbara Ledeen.”

In what world would the wife of a Supreme Court Justice and a Republican Senate staffer have “close ties to Trump?”

That would be like saying you’re friends with Tom Cruise when you’re actually just a minion on the set of one of his big-budget action movies that employs close to a thousand people. It’s delusional.

Axios then went on to list several memos regarding Jessie Liu, Groundswell, and the State Department.

The Jessie Liu memo noted:

· A source with direct knowledge of the memo’s contents said it contained 14 sections building a case for why Liu was unfit for the job for which Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin selected her, including:

* Not acting on criminal referrals of some of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers.

* Signing “the sentencing filing asking for jail time” for Gen. Michael Flynn (a friend of Ledeen’s).

* Holding a leadership role in a women’s lawyers networking group that Ledeen criticized as “pro-choice and anti-Alito.”

* Not indicting former deputy director of the FBI Andrew McCabe.

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* Dismissing charges against “violent inauguration protesters who plotted to disrupt the inauguration.”

The Groundswell memo noted:

Members of Groundswell, whose members earlier led the successful campaign to remove [H.R.] McMaster as national security adviser, meet on Wednesdays in the D.C. offices of Judicial Watch, a conservative legal group that has led the fight against the Mueller probe.”

And in the State Department memo, Axios reports:

In one extraordinary incident last year, President Trump passed along another action memo to his then-head of presidential personnel, Sean Doocey (since pushed to State and replaced with former body man John McEntee). People familiar with the January 2019 memo say it came from conservatives associated with Groundswell. Though nobody I’ve spoken to has claimed credit for it.”

But everybody knows most of the aforementioned information.

It’s not exactly a “story” if everybody is already familiar with what these deep state employees have done to undermine President Trump and his administration.

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