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The Deep State Goes After The Duke as Cancel Culture Goes Searching for True Grit

As the radical socialist mobs, fueled by Deep State benefactors, attempt to tear down or rename anything they don’t like, they’ve now set their sights on America’s all-time favorite actor.

But this time they may have picked a fight with the wrong legend.

Legendary actor John Wayne is now in the Deep State’s crosshairs as the left becomes fully unhinged and goes after The Duke.

“John Wayne was more than just a movie star, he was an American icon,” said Ethan Wayne, son of John Wayne and the president of John Wayne Enterprises.

“His personality on and off screen embodied honorable virtues that continue to resonate with the American people today. We are proud that he remains an emblem of all that it means to be not only a good citizen but a good person.”

As recently as 2016, John Wayne was still in the top five in The Harris Poll’s annual list of “America’s Favorite Movie Stars.” He dropped to number 7 in 2017, but has always remained in the top 10.

He’s the only deceased actor to hold such a distinguished ranking, which is amazing when you consider he’s been gone for more than 40 years.

While he’s most famous for his Westerns, Wayne in fact starred in just about every genre of film. In all, he appeared in more than 175 films during his 50-year acting career.

His breakout role was in the John Ford classic Stagecoach in 1939 and appeared in more than twenty of Ford’s films throughout his career including The Quiet Man and The Searchers, which fans continue to argue were two of his finest performances.

Over his career, Wayne starred alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Maureen O’Hara, James Stewart, Dean Martin, and Natalie Wood.
He was nominated three times for an Academy Award and won Best Actor in 1969 for True Grit.

Wayne was also well known for his strong patriotic and conservative views and counted Ronald Reagan as a close friend.
While his name lives on through his life’s work in Hollywood, he continues to make an impact through The John Wayne Cancer Foundation which brings courage, strength, and grit to the fight against cancer.

Ethan Wayne says, “It means so much to us that the world continues to hold the John Wayne name in such high regard. Our hope is that his legacy will be used to help those in need. At the heart of everything my father did, he understood that the most important part of the fame he was given was to find ways to help others.”

But now, the Democrat Party of Orange County wants to send The Duke packing.
Party leaders are demanding the removal of his name from the John Wayne Orange County Airport due to “racist and bigoted statements” the Hollywood legend allegedly made in a 1971 magazine interview.

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Last week, in a strongly worded resolution, Democrat leaders called for John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana to revert back to its original name, Orange County Airport.
While there have been several failed attempts to rename the airport in the past, never before have racial tensions and cancel-culture hysteria been so high.

Apparently, renaming pancake syrups and tearing down statues of Catholic saints and U.S. presidents isn’t enough for these “heroes” of the new revolution.
John Wayne Airport was given its current name in 1979 in honor of the True Grit actor who died that year just after his final movie, The Shootist. He was a long-time local resident with a home in Newport Beach.
Orange County was once a conservative Republican stronghold, but has turned drastically to the left in the last two election cycles.

That, combined with the rush to tear down and rename anything not approved by the Antifa mob, could spell the end to John Wayne Airport.

Wayne’s children are working with thousands of fans to stop the renaming efforts, but it may be a battle already lost.

If you would like to sign the petition to fight the left-wing radical demands to rename the John Wayne Airport, click here: https://www.change.org/p/orange-county-board-of-supervisors-keep-john-wayne-airport-name

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