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Nancy Pelosi Says She Wants to See Yours – But Hers is Off Limits

The Democrats have no shame when it comes to snooping on American citizens.

From unconstitutional warrants to private emails, they want to see it all.

And now Nancy Pelosi says you better show her yours – but hers is off limits.

Joe Biden and his Democrat cronies in Congress are trying to force banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions to report their clients’ account balances and transactions to the IRS.

The onerous proposal is hidden in the massive $3.5 trillion-dollar spending bill Democrats hope to finally ram through Congress with the help of a handful of RINOs like Mitt Romney.

And they want reports on any transaction of $600 or more!

When asked if this was still under consideration despite widespread opposition, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi answered emphatically, “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

Financial institutions and the American people are rightfully outraged by this new political weapon being inserted into the already disturbing, pork-stuffed spending bill.

As horrible as the $600 minimum is, it isn’t even the real problem with this effort.

Not only does the government not NEED to know how much you, or I – or anyone – has in the bank… They have no RIGHT to know!

Technically, the only thing they “need” to know is how much income we earn – and that’s just for the sake of income taxes – which is a whole other argument for another day.

Another major concern is that this bank information is to be reported to the IRS. You know, the government agency that in 2014-2015 leaked nearly 700,000 U.S. taxpayers’ account information to an “investigative” website.

The same government agency that used information to go after political opponents of Barack Obama and the Democrats.

Where conservative groups had their non-profit 501C(3) applications deliberately delayed or “lost” while other applications sailed through the bureaucracy.

So imagine if the IRS gets information on your finances and banking activity – what groups and candidates you donate to, what businesses you’ve purchased goods from.

The government will have the ability to selectively attack and bankrupt any individual, business, organization, or group.

Finally, the amount of money to put these new requirements in place will be staggering, especially for smaller financial institutions.

In order to offset the cost, individual customers and businesses will face higher account fees, lower interest on their account balances, and fewer complementary services.

But Pelosi, Biden, and the Democrats say this action is needed to ensure everyone is paying their fair share in taxes for the Democrats massive spending increases.

Hey here’s a novel thought – how about they just stop spending so much of our money!?

If Congress could ever just cut spending to only those things which are constitutional, then privacy-violating gimmicks like the one being proposed right now wouldn’t be needed at all.

In fact, if politicians from both parties would just stop their spending frenzy and do their jobs and keep their oath of office – we might just be able to have a serious discussion about that income tax.

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