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Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Is Taking on the Deep State and Winning

Elected as a reformer committed to making bold changes, this Governor has decided to take on the Deep State on this important issue.

And not only is he winning, but Arizona is winning because of it.

Because Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is taking on the Deep State, and he is winning.

A new Wall Street Journal editorial heaps praise on Arizona Governor Doug Ducey for making the Grand Canyon state the first state to recognize out-of-state occupational licenses while also signing major legislation reducing overly burdensome regulations across key industries.

As The Journal states, reforms like these are expanding possibilities for workers, and writing “[w]ith opportunities like these opening up, it’s no wonder Arizona is growing fast.”

Here is an excerpt from The Wall Street Journal:

“Arizona’s state motto is ‘Ditat Deus’—‘God enriches’—but residents might want to thank Gov. Doug Ducey and lawmakers, too. This month they adopted three new licensing reforms that will make it easier to earn a decent living…

The new legislation applies to more than 40 professions, from cosmetologists and court reporters to psychologists and surgeons. Newcomers often had to pay hundreds of dollars and spend thousands of hours in training before they could practice their occupation in Arizona—even if they had done the same job safely for years elsewhere.

They’ll now receive an Arizona license as long as they’ve held a comparable one in another state for at least a year…

Since 2017 Arizona has also passed laws waiving occupational licensing fees for its poorest residents and allowing more workers to obtain a license despite a criminal history, provided there’s little risk to public safety. With opportunities like these opening up, it’s no wonder Arizona is growing fast.”

The spread of so-called “occupational licensing” laws is one of the Deep State’s greatest triumphs. Currently one out of every three U.S. jobs requires some form of occupational licensing, and Arizona has had the unpleasant distinction of being the “most broadly and onerously licensed state” of all, according to the Institute for Justice.

Arizona requires a license to work for 64 occupations, costing an average of $455 in fees per year, and almost 600 days of “education and experience.”

And if you think these occupational licensing laws are only there to “protect” the consumer, or to stop criminals from stealing children, the fact is the vast majority of these laws are in place for two reasons: 1) to make money for the states and counties and 2) to protect big money deep state conglomerates who wish to see small businesses shut down.

And one way to shut them down is to use the government to pass higher taxes, increased fees, and occupational licensing requirements.

Governor Ducey is the former CEO of Coldstone Creamery, and has made reforming Arizona’s occupational licensing system a top priority.

That’s why he pushed so hard for passage of HB 2569 to allow Arizona to accept other states’ licenses.

“Just because somebody packs up that moving van in Chicago, Illinois, they don’t lose their skills on the way to the state of Arizona,” says Ducey in an interview with Reason Magazine. “Why should somebody have to suffer the burden of thousands of dollars or weeks or months of recertification in a skill that they already have?”

This bill, which was introduced by Rep. Warren Petersen (R–Gilbert), will now allow anyone who has an occupational license from another state to be automatically eligible for the same license in Arizona as long as they are in good standing in their home state and don’t have a disqualifying criminal history.

It would extend an existing state law that recognizes out-of-state licenses for military families.

Now it’s time for other states to follow Arizona’s lead and start reforming, then get rid of deep state licensing reform laws.

Think about it, should anyone be required to get a license to blow dry hair? Or to arrange flowers? Or even to paint a house?

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