This Hard-Hitting Lawsuit Is Causing Panic in the Deep State

For years they’ve hid in the dark recesses of every federal agency.

But Trump’s 2016 victory changed all that, and now they see their secretive existence coming to an end.

And this new hard-hitting lawsuit is causing even more panic in the Deep State.

It’s a sad fact of American history.  The Deep State is nothing new. It’s been around since, well, since the beginning.

The founders were wise enough to know that too large a federal government would only embolden and empower these nameless, faceless, gray-skinned bureaucrats.

Unfortunately, through the years the Founders’ worst fears have come true, and for decades the Deep State has quietly run the federal government and more.

From Wall Street to K Street, from the White House to the State House, and from Congress to the hundreds of acronym agencies all over the nation, and the world, the Deep State has ruled supreme.

Donald Trump’s election changed all of that.  He promised to root them all out, and get them all out, and his efforts are drawing such heavy fire from the Deep State that some of them are even willing to show their gray and pasty faces in the light of day.

And as Trump and his administration continue to find, expose and remove these cancers on America’s government, the Deep State is starting to panic.

Now, they have even more to worry about.

A new lawsuit against one of the Deep State’s favorite alphabet soup agencies, the FEC.

The Coolidge Reagan Foundation, a non-profit conservative foundation dedicated to defending, protecting and advancing liberty and free speech, is suing the Federal Election Commission for its inaction against the DNC.

According to a report in IJR News:

“The Federal Election Commission (FEC) is facing a lawsuit for its inaction on a complaint filed against Hillary Clinton‘s campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

The right-leaning Coolidge Reagan Foundation filed a lawsuit —obtained exclusively by IJR — on Wednesday morning in the hopes of getting a ruling that would force the FEC to address the complaint it filed on August 1, 2018.”

“Its original complaint with the FEC requested an investigation into Hillary for America — the official name of Clinton’s campaign — and the DNC for their role in obtaining and financing the anti-Donald Trump dossier penned by former British spy Christopher Steele.

By law, if the FEC does not rule on a filed complaint within 120 days, the party that filed the complaint has the authority to sue the commission. Almost 300 days have passed since the Coolidge Reagan Foundation filed that original complaint, and nothing has happened.”

For its part, the FEC continues to stonewall and refuses to rule on, or even consider, the original complaint. Of course as most observers know, the FEC has a long history of defending their Democrat allies while actively going after Republicans and conservatives.

In some cases the FEC has made up violations in order to launch criminal cases against liberty activists and candidates.

During one such trial a top FEC enforcement official admitted under oath that the FEC keeps a “top secret” list of violations that they do not share with anyone. Meaning of course, they can go after anyone they want for any violation from this secret list.

When asked by the court to make the list public, the FEC gave a resounding “no”.

This lawsuit goes straight to the dark heart of the Deep State.

We will keep you updated on any action on this suit.

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